By Josie  October 3rd, 2023

Elephants Celebrate Halloween & Smash 1,200 Pounds of Pumpkin

These Elephants smash 1,200 pounds worth of (giant) pumpkins – what better way is there to get into a spooky mood?

They possess immense power, enabling them to uproot trees, carry logs, and in this case, smash pumpkins with ease.

How Strong Are Elephants?

Despite their gentle and calm demeanor, elephants are capable of feats of strength – calling for immense respect.

The video captures a beautiful moment at Oregon zoo, where elephants are presented with giant pumpkins to celebrate the coming of Halloween.

Elephants Smash Pumpkins

These massive orange globes, symbolic of the holiday, don’t stand a chance against the elephants’ powerful and eager stomps.

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Enrichment activities like these are vital for elephants at zoos, promoting mental and physical stimulation.

More Than a Holiday

At Oregon Zoo, as seen in the video, elephants engage in pumpkin smashing, an enriching experience that enhances their well-being.

Such activities stimulate natural behaviors, offering exercise and mental challenges, crucial for their holistic health.

It’s a question that tickles the curiosity – do these majestic creatures enjoy the taste of pumpkin? From the video, it’s a resounding yes!

Do Elephants Like Pumpkin?

Elephants, with their diverse and opportunistic diet, seem to relish the sweet, succulent flesh of pumpkins.

Swipe up to see the footage!

Swipe up to see the footage!