By Josie  December 3rd, 2023

Floating Couch Gifted to Wally the Boat-Sinking Walrus

Meet Wally the walrus, a chunky guy who loooves a good nap. This might not seem like an issue, but he has a penchant for taking naps on boats.

Having sunk two boats in this way, this walrus is gifted his very own floating couch!

Wally the walrus, weighing a hefty 1,760 lbs, has been making waves, quite literally, in the Irish Sea.

A Chaotic and Boat-Sinking Walrus

He loves climbing onto small boats to take a good nap, which has led to the sinking of at least two vessels, causing thousands of euros in damages.

Wally’s choice of napping locations has led to significant damage, presenting a highly unusual human-wildlife conflict. It’s lucky for him that he looks so cute doing it!

Who Doesn't Love a Good Nap?

Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) collaborated to create a better and safer resting place for Wally (for everyone involved.)

The Solution: A Floating Couch

Wally the walrus’ story illustrates how human-wildlife conflicts sometimes need very creative solutions. 

But we can all rest easy knowing that Wally now has his very own nap paradise at sea.

A Seasoned Traveller

Believed to be from Svalbard, north of Norway, he has traveled over 2,500 miles on a solo trip.

His tour has included stops across Ireland, England, Wales, and even the coasts of France and Spain.

Seal Rescue Ireland advises maintaining a distance of at least 100m, including boats, kayaks, and swimmers.

What to Do If You Encounter Wally

However, if he decides that your boat looks like a top-tier nap place, authorities advise you to push him away with an oer gently.

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