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Floating Couch Gifted to Wally the Boat-Sinking Walrus

walrus napping in boat

Meet Wally the walrus, a chunky guy who loooves a good nap. This might not seem like an issue, but he has a penchant for taking naps on boats (and a tendency to underestimate his size.) Having sunk two boats in this way, this walrus is gifted his very own floating couch.

A Chaotic and Boat-Sinking Walrus

walrus climbing onto boat

Wally the walrus, weighing a hefty 1,760 lbs, has been making waves, quite literally, in the Irish Sea. He loves climbing onto small boats to take a good nap, which has led to the sinking of at least two vessels, causing thousands of euros in damages.

Consequently, local communities realized they needed to provide Wally with a safe and suitable resting place to prevent more boat-sinking escapades.

Who Doesn’t Enjoy a Good Nap? Wally Certainly Does

walrus napping in boat

Wally’s journey across the Irish Sea has been marked by numerous sightings of him taking naps on various boats. His massive size and weight, however, have not been kind to these temporary resting spots.

Wally’s choice of napping locations has led to significant damage, presenting a highly unusual human-wildlife conflict. It’s lucky for him that he looks so cute doing it!

The Floating Couch Gifted to Wally the Walrus

Floating couch gifted to walrus
©British Divers Marine Wildlife Rescue/Facebook

Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) collaborated to create a better and safer resting place for Wally (for everyone involved.) They came up with a novel solution: a floating couch.

This specially designed pontoon, with three raised sides, aims to offer Wally a safe and appealing alternative to boats.

A Seasoned Traveler: Where Wally’s Been

Wally’s journey is nothing short of remarkable; this guy has been around the block!

Believed to be from Svalbard, north of Norway, he has traveled over 2,500 miles on a solo trip. His tour has included stops across Ireland, England, Wales, and even the coasts of France and Spain. Wally’s extensive travels have made him a well-known figure in these regions, with his presence being monitored and reported by various wildlife organizations simultaneously.

What You Should Do If You Encounter Wally

wally the walrus
©Rachel Box/

Encountering Wally can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to remember that he is a wild animal. Seal Rescue Ireland advises maintaining a distance of at least 100m, including boats, kayaks, and swimmers. Disturbing Wally can cause him stress and may impede his ability to rest for his long journey back to Arctic waters.

However, if he decides that your boat looks like a top-tier nap place, authorities advise you to push him away with an oer gently.

Floating Couch Gifted to Walrus: Conclusion

Wally the walrus on a boat
©Marine Conservation Society

Wally the walrus’ story illustrates how human-wildlife conflicts sometimes need very creative solutions. But we can all rest easy knowing that Wally now has his very own nap paradise at sea.

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