By Josie  January 6th, 2024

Over Friendly Koala Wants to Hug Its Rescuer

Our planet’s temperature’s rising and it’s being felt by both humans and animals that live in places with already hot climates

Following a scorcher of a day this overly friendly koala is on the hunt for a drink of water, and apparently some friendship too?

The video opens with a parched koala gratefully accepting a drink of water from a human after an unusually sweltering day with temperatures of 107.6°F (42°C.)

Remarkably, following its refreshment, the koala seems to seek further human interaction, repeatedly attempting to be picked up.

The Footage

This request is especially strange, considering the solitary and independent nature of koalas.

It leads us to think that it may have been a released ex-rescue, accustomed to human contact.

Rising temperatures, especially in Australian regions, pose a significant threat to koala populations.

Koalas Affected by Rising Temps

Heat stress can lead to dehydration, habitat loss, and a decrease in the nutritional quality of their primary food source, eucalyptus leaves.

As temperatures climb, koalas may descend from their arboreal refuge in search of water, making them more visible and potentially more reliant on human assistance for survival.

Although this overly friendly koala is nothing short of adorable, it is a very real reminder of how climate change and our planet’s rising temps affect every creature.

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Swipe up to watch the video!