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Overly Friendly Koala Wants to Be Picked Up

overly friendly koala

Our planet’s temperature’s rising and it’s being felt by both humans and animals that live in places with already hot climates. Following a scorcher of a day this overly friendly koala is on the hunt for a drink of water, and apparently some friendship too?

Overly Friendly Koala: The Rescue Mission

The video opens with a parched koala gratefully accepting a drink of water from a human after an unusually sweltering day with temperatures of 107.6°F (42°C.) Remarkably, following its refreshment, the koala seems to seek further human interaction, repeatedly attempting to be picked up.

This request is especially strange, considering the solitary and independent nature of koalas. It leads us to think that it may have been a released ex-rescue, accustomed to human contact.

Do Koalas Enjoy Human Contact?

trespassing koala demands cuddles

Generally, koalas are not known for seeking out human interaction. They are solitary creatures and often prefer the solitude of their eucalyptus trees.

However, rescued and rehabilitated koalas, like the one in the video, might associate humans with safety and care. And, especially so if they have been hand-reared or extensively treated by humans during recovery. It’s essential to understand that this behavior isn’t typical for wild koalas, and they might get aggressive if you get too close!

Koalas Affected by Rising Temps

Rising temperatures, especially in Australian regions, pose a significant threat to koala populations. Heat stress can lead to dehydration, habitat loss, and a decrease in the nutritional quality of their primary food source, eucalyptus leaves.

As temperatures climb, koalas may descend from their arboreal refuge in search of water, making them more visible and potentially more reliant on human assistance for survival.

Signs That a Koala Is Dehydrated

Dehydration in koalas can manifest in several ways. Look for lethargy, loss of appetite, and dry or tacky gums. A dehydrated koala might also appear listless or disoriented and could be more approachable than usual, as seen in the video.

In severe cases, their eyes may appear sunken, and their skin loses elasticity. Such signs necessitate immediate veterinary attention.

How to Give Koalas Water

lindo koala

If you encounter a dehydrated koala, it’s crucial to provide water safely. Offer water in a bowl or gently from a bottle, allowing the koala to lap it at its own pace. Avoid pouring water directly into their mouth, as this can lead to aspiration.

The Koala’s Unique Adaptations

Koala im Baum
  • Opposable Thumbs: Koalas have two opposable thumbs on each hand, providing a strong grip on tree branches, crucial for their arboreal lifestyle.
  • Thick and Woolly Fur: Their fur is specially adapted to insulate against both high and low temperatures, helping them maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • Specialized Diet: Koalas feed almost exclusively on eucalyptus leaves, which provide them with necessary hydration and nutrients, despite being low in energy.
  • Low Energy Lifestyle: Adapted to a diet low in calories, koalas have a slow metabolism and spend long hours sleeping to conserve energy.

Overly Friendly Koala: Closing Thoughts

YouTube video

Although this overly friendly koala is nothing short of adorable, it is a very real reminder of how climate change and our planet’s rising temps affect every creature. As our climate gets warmer it’s highly likely that more and more dehydrated koalas will turn to humans for help.

Thank you for reading this article about this overly friendly koala!

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