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These animals have more in common other than having names that are impossible to pronounce.

But who would win a battle?

On average, hippos weigh 3,500 to 4,500 pounds.

Depending on the species, rhinos weigh 2,200 to 5,500 pounds.

Hippopotamus Vs. Rhinoceros: Size

Rhinos inhabit dry savannah and forested areas.

Hippos are semi-aquatic and live near water bodies.

Hippopotamus Vs. Rhinoceros: Habitat

Despite being huge powerhouses, both animals only feed on vegetation.

Hippos graze on grass and aquatic plants, while rhinos are selective browsers, feeding on leaves, fruits, and shoots.

Two Herbivores

When comparing the temper of the hippopotamus vs. rhinoceros they're pretty similar.

Aggressive Animals

Both are known for their aggressive and territorial behavior, particularly when provoked.

Hippos have enormous mouths that can open up to four feet wide, equipped with razor-sharp, large incisors and canines that can easily crush

Rhinos have distinctive horns that can grow up to three feet long, used for self defense, protecting offspring, and asserting dominance.

- Mighty jaws (1,800 pounds of force per square inch) - Speed (up to 30 mph on land) - Territorial behavior

Strengths of the Hippo

- Thick skin  - Large and sharp horns  - Speed (can also reach 30 mph)

Strengths of the Rhino

So who wins a battle between these two power-houses?

Rhinos are renowned for their immense strength and solid build, making them one of the most robust land animals.

With their robust bodies, sharp incisors, and strong jaws, hippos can deliver devastating bites capable of inflicting severe damage.

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