The Bunny Vs. The Rabbit


Hey there, fellow animal lovers!

You may be surprised to discover that bunnies and rabbits are not the same animals.

While bunnies and rabbits belong to the same family, scientists have identified enough distinguishing characteristics to classify them as separate species.

So let's get to the bottom of this. How are they different?

First out, the Rabbit

Rabbits are a member of the Leporidae family and are often larger than bunnies.

They have long ears, powerful hind legs, and a small, fluffy tail.

Rabbits often mix two colors in their fur, such as white and gray or black and brown.

Bunnies are generally much smaller than rabbits.

Bunnies also tend to have shorter tails than rabbits, plus their fur is usually softer.

Bunnies typically have one solid color or a single shade of color.

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