Selfless Florida Beachgoers Pull Stranded Shark Back Into Ocean

By Josie  September 11th, 2023

These selfless Florida beachgoers disregarded the potential danger this shark posed and came together to pull it back out at sea.

On a sunny day at Pensacola Beach in Florida, a relaxing outing turned into a heart-stopping moment for a group of beachgoers.

A large mako shark, distressed and stranded, found unexpected allies in the humans nearby.

Tina and Josh Fey were celebrating their anniversary when they caught sight of the massive sea creature, struggling for life, disrupted the calm.

Despite the shock, the beachgoers’ instinct was to save the shark. Wildlife rescue and lifeguards were called but couldn’t offer immediate assistance.


The shark, displaying its natural instincts, thrashed vigorously, its razor teeth a vivid reminder of the wild, untamable force of nature.

Yet, three brave individuals held onto its tail, initiating the first attempt to pull the creature back into its natural habitat.

Selfless Florida Beachgoers

The stranded creature was identified as a Mako shark, a species renowned for its speed and agility in the ocean.

Identifying the Shark

With a streamlined body and razor-sharp teeth, Mako sharks are easily recognizable.

Bored Troublemakers

Despite their fearsome reputation, this incident at Pensacola Beach painted a different picture, highlighting the vulnerability that every living creature have.

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