By Josie  August 10th, 2023

Texas Woman Attacked By Hawk and Snake Simultaneously

A snake and a hawk attacked a woman in Texas  while she was mowing her lawn – at the same time.

Let's get into the details!

A snake landed on the woman before a hawk swooped down, attempting to retrieve its prey. The hawk’s talons dug deep into Jones’ flesh, causing significant injuries.

The Attack

Her husband rushed her to the hospital where she had her wounds attended to and given antibiotics as it was uncertain whether the snake was venomous or not.

The attack may be indicative of broader environmental shifts caused by urbanization and climate change.

Possible Reasons Behind the Attack

The Scene From Rango

The attack on the woman immediately made us think of Rango’s intense struggle against a hawk – which also takes place in Texas.

The hawk launches into a precise dive, reaching speeds of over 150 mph, catching the prey off guard, giving it little time to react.

Hawk: Hunting Techniques

They employ sharp talons to grasp their prey, delivering a fatal grip. 

Their beaks, equally sharp, are used to finish off the catch.

Certain snakes employ a tactic where they roll onto their backs and emit a foul-smelling fluid, tricking predators into believing they are dead

Snake: Defence Mechanisms

Their scales often mimic the patterns and colors of their natural habitats, allowing them to blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

What To Do If a Hawk Attacks You

Protect Your Head and Face: Use your arms or any available object (like a hat or jacket) to shield your head and eyes.

Avoid Direct Eye Contact: Birds of prey can interpret direct eye contact as a challenge or threat.

Avoid Running: Running can trigger a chase instinct in many predators.

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