Getting to Know

the Beagle

By Josie March 8th, 2023

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Let's get acquainted with them:

Beagles have long been associated with hunting and har famous for their adorably long and floppy ears.

Fast Fact about the Beagle

Origin: England Weight: 18-30 pounds Height: 13-15 inches Life span: 10-15 years Breed group: Hound dogs

Physical Appearance of the Beagle 

They have floppy ears, a powerful jaw, short hair, and (typically) a multicolored coat.

The majority of Beagles are tricolored, bearing white, black, and light brown spots

Compared to the Foxhound

But, Beagles are smaller, and the Foxhound’s body more slender.

Beagles are sometimes confused with the similar-looking Foxhound.


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Exercise Requirements of the Beagle

They require a substantial amount of exercise on the daily, ideally in the form of long walks.

Separation anxiety or insufficient exercise may lead to unwanted behaviors, such as escaping, digging, or howling.

The Beagle as a Family Dog

In addition, they get along great with other pets in the house, like cats.

Due to having a consistent disposition of mildness toward kids, these canines are ideal companions for families.

Diet of the Beagle

Three-quarters to one and a half cups of dry food daily, split between two meals, is recommended.

The Beagle is one of the sneakiest scavengers of food, maintain their health by not giving them free access to food.

Beagles Used in Animal Testing

Due to their docile and friendly nature, Beagles are sadly the type of dog that is most used in animal testing.

Various activist groups lobby against this and have over the years rescued hundreds of Beagles.

Beagles' Sense of Smell

Along with the similar-looking Basset Hound, the Beagle has been granted the title of the dog with the absolute best sense of smell

In a study, they were able to locate a mouse placed in a one-acre field in less than one minute.

The Beagle's Tail Is a White Flag

Beagles were given their distinctive white snout tip so hunters could easily spot them even when the dogs had their noses to the ground.

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The Beagle is both cuddly and active, what more can you ask for?