The Korat


Hey there, fellow cat lovers!

This affectionate and beautiful cat breed originated in Thailand hundreds of years ago.

The Korat has been a symbol of good luck ever since!

The Korat’s unique personality will make it an ideal addition to your family.

The temperament of the Korat is one of devotion, playfulness, and intelligence

The species is known for its mesmerizingly brilliant blue coat and captivating green eyes.

This breed has won the hearts of many with its devoted loyalty, loving personality, and smartness.

Plus, they are full of fun-loving energy that keeps us entertained for hours!

The Korat Cat has been native to Thailand since the 1300s.

Traditionally, the species was a wedding gift of good luck and fertility by families of newlyweds.

Lastly, Korats will provide immense joy to whoever shares their life!

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