The Piranha

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Size, Habit, & Commonly Asked Questions About The Piranha

Body Type:

Compressed body type, facilitating fast swimming and aquatic movement


different colorings, ranging from red-orange, silver, or olive-green bellies, like the red-bellied Piranha, and some may have stunning patterns


Found in the freshwater rivers, lakes, and swamped forests of South America


Reside in countries that make up the Amazon River basin, including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela

Frequently Asked Questions About Piranha:


Despite their reputation as being dangerous, piranhas rarely harm humans. They tend to be shy and avoid interacting with humans

Are Piranhas Harmful To Humans?

feed on fish, insects, crustaceans, small mammals, and birds that stray too close to the water

What Do Piranhas Consume?

As opportunistic feeders, they will eat damaged prey or scavenge on carcasses

Require sizable tanks with lots of room for swimming and hiding spots

Do Piranhas Make Good Pets?

Their diet must include suitable food sources and the water should be properly kept and purified


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