By Josie  April 17th, 2024

This Little Girl Might Be a Dolphin Whisperer

Dolphins are famously clever and especially intrigued by humans.

This interaction between a dolphin and a little girl seems extra special – could she be a dolphin whisperer?

A dolphin in a tank comes face-to-face with the girl. By the looks of it the dolphin is just as mesmerized by her, as she by it – could she be the dolphin whisperer?

The Video

Either way, a few things are more beautiful when completely different species bond with each other – even if just for a few moments.

Overall, dolphins are notoriously friendly towards humans and don’t shy away from a playful chase with a boat

Why Are Dolphins So Friendly?

Dolphins’ friendliness towards humans most likely stems from them being exceptionally curious creatures. It is this innate (and adorable) curiosity that drives them to investigate other species.

That being said, it’s impossible to know why the dolphin in the video was so fascinated by the little girl on the other side of the glass.

It almost seemed like more than their usual curiosity – could she be a dolphin whisperer?

Because of the permanent upturned curve of their mouth, dolphins look like they’re always smiling.

A Permanent Smile

Although it would be lovely to think that they’re permanently happy – this is not the case. Instead, to understand them, we must pay attention to their body language and different vocalizations.

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