By Josie  April 11tg, 2024

This Raccoon Got Trapped Inside Chimpanzee Cage

The habitats of chimpanzees and raccoons don’t usually overlap, but in a Zoo strange situations can arise...

This raccoon, either because of curiosity or stupidity, finds itself trapped inside a chimpanzee cage

Their reputation as super intelligent often blinds us to the fact that they can become quite aggressive – sometimes outright dangerous.

Chimpanzee: Surprisingly Aggressive

This is especially true when their territory or social hierarchy is threatened.

These primates are much stronger than us: their strength is estimated to be about five to six times greater than that of humans.

Freak-ishly Strong

According to rough estimates chimpanzee can exert a force of 800 pounds of force in a single pull – enough to crack open hard fruit like its nothing or bend open lighter metal bars.

Raccoons may not rank very high when it comes to strength. On the other hand though, we should not underestimate their brainy-ness.

Raccoons: Smarter Than You Think

They have dexterous hands that can open almost anything, and they remember solutions to problems for up to three years!

Their curiosity drives them to explore and sometimes intrude into human spaces and, as seen, other animal territories.

The raccoon manages to sneak inside the chimpanzee's cage, who quickly identify the intruder and throws it like a frisbee.

The Incident

Apparently, zoos are places where animals that would normally never cross paths might bump into each other – maybe even starting fight with each other.

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