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These animals are both apex predators but with completely different hunting tactics.

Who wins the battle Tiger Vs. Eagle?

Female tigers are usually smaller than male tigers and weigh approximately 220-440 pounds, while male tigers weigh around 440-660 pounds.

On average, though, eagles have a body length between 25 and 40 inches and a wingspan between 6 and 8 feet.

Tigers reside in dense forests, grasslands, and swamps.

Tiger Vs. Eagle: Habitat

Eagles can be found in mountains, tundras, and grasslands.

Tigers are solitary and territorial creatures, they only come together during breeding.

Tiger Vs. Eagle: Social Behaviors

Eagles are also territorial but are much more social and mate for life.

Male tigers are more territorial than females, and they are known to patrol their area to mark their scent.

Tigers are stealthy predators who rely on their sharp senses to ambush their prey.

Hunting Techniques of Tigers

They use their powerful jaws and retractable claws to kill their prey instantly.

The tiger's exceptional swimming ability is often overlooked - they're talented swimmers, which allows it to effortlessly traverse rivers with ease.

They use their sharp talons to kill their prey instantly

Hunting Techniques of Eagles

Eagles are aerial hunters that rely on their incredible eyesight to locate their prey from above.

When the eagle is ready to make its attack, it will dive at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour.

In a battle, it is likely that the tiger, with its superior strength, would win.

Tiger Vs. Eagle: Verdict

However, an eagle could take flight and escape quickly if the first attack isn't fatal.

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