Top 10 Dangerous Prehistoric Animals

 by Linnea

March 20, 2023

When thinking about extinct animal populations, you might get sad at the thought of how natural and human processes have led these species to fade from the face of the earth.

After reading this list of the top 10 dangerous prehistoric animals their extinction will probably feel like a relief for you.

If you’re still keen to discover more about these deadly critters, keep reading to learn about the top 10 dangerous prehistoric creatures that certainly are better off in their graves!

are an accurate example of one of the most deadly creatures.


They are the biggest and the deadliest shark species that have ever lived, measuring more than 50 feet.

Their sight and sense of smell were extraordinary. Coupled with their massive, powerful fangs, they could consume almost any species.

The average Megalodon was about 60 feet in length is roughly the size of a complete bowling alley.  More specifically, they were about 20–50 times larger than today’s great white sharks!


One of the most dangerous prehistoric animals include the extinct Titanoboa snakes are giant snakes that roamed the earth approximately 58 million years ago during the Paleocene.

The Titanoboa is estimated to have had 250 vertebrae, growing to an incredible 42 feet in length

This is way longer than the biggest snake that currently exists, the green anaconda, which is 30 feet long

Tyrannosaurus Rex

It could bite with a force ranging from 9 to over 23 tonnes. The T-Rex would have had an even stronger bite than a Megalodon, with its crushing jaw weighing over 23 tonnes.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex was capable of lifting weight approximately equal to 5 tonnes, which is about the size of an African Elephant – easily ripping off a 500-pound lump of flesh in a single bite!

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