By Josie  January 26th, 2024

Watch How This Crocodile Wins Fight Against Lions

A lone crocodile finds itself surrounded by a pride of lions. Despite being so outnumbered, the crocodile puts up a good line of defense.

It snaps at them with its powerful jaws, often missing the lions by mere inches.

The Footage

The lions, in turn, strategically distract and attack, yet their efforts seem futile against the crocodile’s resilience. Who’s the king of the savannah now?

Lions, known as the kings of the jungle, possess incredible strength, agility, and cooperative hunting strategies.

Lions: Strengths

On the other hand, crocodiles boast one of nature’s most powerful bites, with a jaw strength unparalleled in the animal kingdom.

Crocodiles: Strengths

Their armored skin provides them with A-level protection and their aquatic prowess makes them nimble in water.

Lions, while powerful on land, are not adapted for water combat, limiting their effectiveness against crocodiles in aquatic environments.

Lions: Weaknesses

Crocodiles, though dominant in water, lack the lions’ agility and speed on land, making them vulnerable when outnumbered.

Crocodiles: Weaknesses

A crocodile’s bite force is legendary, measured at a staggering 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi). This strength is even enough to crush bone and puncture metal!

In comparison, humans average around 162 psi. This incredible force was evident in the video as the crocodile snapped its jaws, reminding the lions of its capability to chew through tough hide and bone.

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