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Video: Crocodile Wins Fight Against a Whole Pride of Lions

crocodile wins fight against lions
Image by Savage Showdowns by YouTube

A lone crocodile finds itself surrounded by a pride of lions. Despite being so outnumbered, the crocodile puts up a good line of defense. It snaps at them with its powerful jaws, often missing the lions by mere inches.

The lions, in turn, strategically distract and attack, yet their efforts seem futile against the crocodile’s resilience. Who’s the king of the savannah now?

Lion Vs. Crocodile: Strengths

lioness growling
Image by Norbert Pietsch via Pixabay

Lions, known as the kings of the jungle, possess incredible strength, agility, and cooperative hunting strategies. They are apex predators, relying on their pack mentality and physical prowess.

On the other hand, crocodiles boast one of nature’s most powerful bites, with a jaw strength unparalleled in the animal kingdom. Their armored skin provides them with A-level protection and their aquatic prowess makes them nimble in water.

Lion Vs. Crocodile: Weaknesses

Image by Marcel Zihlmann via Pixabay

Lions, while powerful on land, are not adapted for water combat, limiting their effectiveness against crocodiles in aquatic environments. Crocodiles, though dominant in water, lack the lions’ agility and speed on land, making them vulnerable when outnumbered.

In other words, it all has to do with where the fight takes place. This fight takes place both on water and on land – making it an even more nail-biting scene to watch.

Jaw Snapping with Incredible Bite Force

Image by Martin Str vi Pixabay

A crocodile’s bite force is legendary, measured at a staggering 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi). This strength is even enough to crush bone and puncture metal!

In comparison, humans average around 162 psi. This incredible force was evident in the video as the crocodile snapped its jaws, reminding the lions of its capability to chew through tough hide and bone.

Do Lions Really Eat Crocodiles?

Image by Riaanvdberg via Depositphotos

Though unusual, lions do occasionally hunt crocodiles, especially younger or smaller ones. However, such encounters are risky and not a primary food source for lions. This predation is more about territorial assertion or opportunistic feeding rather than a regular hunting pattern.

How Thick is Crocodile Skin?

crocodile skin
Image by dianakuehn30010 via Pixabay

Crocodile skin is remarkably tough, often up to 1.5 inches thick. This natural armor is comprised of bony structures called osteoderms, providing significant protection against bites and scratches, a key factor in the crocodile’s defense in the video.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work: Lion Prides Hunting

pride of lions
Image by Birger Strahl via Unsplash

Lion prides excel in teamwork, coordinating their attacks to take down prey much larger than an individual lion. Their strategies involve surrounding, ambushing, and using their numbers to overwhelm prey. However, as seen in the video, even this effective strategy can falter against a well-defended opponent like a crocodile.

Crocodile Wins Fight Against Lions: Wrapping Up

lion stalking prey
Image by Mustafa cevcek via Pixabay

This crocodile puts up a seriously good fight against the most iconic hunter of the savannah and walks out of it alive despite being outnumbered. Life in nature is survival of the fittest – every single day.

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