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Chihuahua Police Dog Dies of Heartbreak on the Same Day as Its Partner In Crime

chihuahua police dog dies of heartbreak

Although this story of the chihuahua police dog that dies of heartbreak tugs at our heartstrings, we should rather think of it as a story of a beautiful friendship.

chihuahua police dog dies of heartbreak
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In the quiet town of Geauga County, Ohio, we find this tale of unwavering loyalty and heartbreaking loss – but also a celebration of a beautiful friendship. We already know that dogs are man’s best friend, but this incredible just proves it once again!

A Small Dog With Important Duties

Puppy chihuahua
Puppy chihuahua. Image by Laures via Depositphotos

Sheriff Dan McClelland, a dedicated servant of the law, and Midge, the runt of her litter turned Guinness World Record holder, were inseparable.

For a whole decade, they fought crime together. It’s not common to see chihuahuas as police dogs, although it’s widely known that they have a lot of attitude.

However, Midge’s small stature was to her advantage! Her tiny size allowed her to participate in searches where larger dogs could not tread.

A Legacy of Service

pregnant chihuahua in front of white background. Image via Deposit Photos.

McClelland, a 44-year veteran of the force, and Midge, a certified narcotics dog, became local legends. Midge’s mild manner and efficiency in conducting searches without causing damage earned her a reputation that transcended Geauga County.

Other than Midge’s successes as a police dog, what was even more eye-catching was their incredible partnership. Just two besties solving crime together.

Chihuahua Police Dog Dies of Heartbreak: The Final Farewell

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On April 14, 2021, the town was shaken by the news of McClelland’s passing after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Only hours later Midge too took her last breath. It was as if the loyal Chihuahua, who had stood by McClelland’s side through trials and triumph, chose to accompany her master on his final journey.

Anyone who’s been through heartbreak or loss knows how hard it is. Maybe we can die from heartbreak after all?

A Town in Mourning

Apple Head Chihuahua
Image by tanyakdesign via Depositphotos

Geauga County grieved the loss of two of its most beloved protectors. McClelland’s dedication to his duty and Midge’s unwavering loyalty were sources of pride for the townsfolk.

Their joint departure left a void. But at least it’s a comforting thought to know that they had such a strong bond that death could not even break it.

Together in Eternity

Apple Head Chihuahua
cute apple head chihuahua on a soft brown pet bed in a home environment

In the wake of this double tragedy, McClelland’s family announced that he and Midge would be buried together. It was a fitting tribute to a partnership that had defied the ordinary, a bond that had transcended the barriers of species to epitomize unconditional love and loyalty.

A Tale of Loyalty

puppies chihuahua in front of white background. Image via Deposit Photos.

The story of Midge and McClelland is not just a tale of a man and his dog. It is a narrative of the unwavering loyalty we find in four-legged friends. In their passing, they leave behind a legacy of service, companionship, and an unyielding bond that even death could not break.

Signs of Depression in Your Dog

Apple Head Chihuahua
Apple Head Chihuahua. Image via Deposit Photos.
  • Appetite Changes
  • Altered Sleep Patterns
  • Loss of Interest in Activities
  • Excessive Licking/Chewing
  • Social Avoidance
  • Increased Whining/Howling
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Anxiety or Sadness
  • Behavioral Issues

What Are the Distinctive Physical Characteristics of a Chihuahua?

Chihuahua. Image via Deposit photos.

Chihuahuas are small dogs which have rounded “apple” heads. They also have large, expressive eyes, and erect ears. They have a dainty, yet confident appearance.

How Can You Identify a Chihuahua by Its Size and Weight?

puppies chihuahua in bowl in front of white background. Image via Deposit Photos.

Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds. They weigh between 2 to 6 pounds. They stand about 6 to 9 inches tall at the shoulder.

What Are the Common Coat Types and Colors in Chihuahuas?

Chihuahua dog lies on the sand. chihuahua puppy on the beach sand. Image via Deposit Photos.

Chihuahuas come in two coat types: smooth (short-haired) and long-haired.

How Does a Chihuahua’s Head Shape Affect Its Appearance?

puppy chihuahua
portrait of a cute purebred puppy chihuahua. image via Depositphotos

The breed standard for Chihuahuas includes a well-rounded “apple” head.

What Are the Notable Features of a Chihuahua’s Eyes?

Pregnant chihuahua in front of white background.
Pregnant chihuahua in front of white background. By IgorBorodin via DepositPhotos

Chihuahuas have large, round eyes that are often dark. Whereas the lighter-colored dogs may have lighter eyes. Their expressive eyes are one of their most charming features.

How Does the Size and Shape of a Chihuahua’s Ears Contribute to Its Appearance?

Chihuahua puppy.
Chihuahua puppy. Image by FotoJagodka via Depositphotos

Chihuahuas have large, erect ears that are set at a 45-degree angle when alert.

What Are the Characteristics of a Chihuahua’s Body and Legs?

Chihuahua sitting in winter scene, portrait. Image by lifeonwhite via

Chihuahuas have a compact, well-balanced body with a level back and a slight tuck-up. Their legs are straight and fine-boned, providing them with agility and a graceful, lively gait.

How Does a Chihuahua’s Tail Differ from Other Breeds?

portrait of a cute purebred chihuahuas on the beach. Image via Depositphotos

Chihuahuas have a moderately long tail that is either sickle-shaped or curled over the back.

What Are the Differences in Physical Appearance Between Male and Female Chihuahuas?

Apple Head Chihuahua
Image by tanyakdesign via Depositphotos

Male and female Chihuahuas are generally similar in appearance. But males might be slightly larger and more robust.

How Do the Physical Features of a Chihuahua Change as They Age?

Turbo, The Two-Legged Chihuahua
Dog sitting in a car seat. Image via Deposit Photos.

As Chihuahuas age, they may experience changes in coat color and texture, as well as a potential decrease in muscle tone and overall activity level. Their expressive eyes may also develop cloudiness due to age-related conditions like cataracts.

How Can You Identify a Chihuahua by Its Paws and Claws?

Chihuahua the top 10 ugly dogs
Image via Pexels.

Chihuahuas have small, delicate paws with well-arched toes.

What Are the Unique Features of a Chihuahua’s Teeth and Bite?

the chihuahua from legally blonde
the chihuahua from legally blonde. Image via unsplash.

Chihuahuas have a characteristic scissor bite, where the upper teeth closely overlap the lower teeth. Dental care is crucial for this breed due to their small mouth, which can lead to overcrowding and dental issues.

Chihuahua Police Dog Dies of Heartbreak: Conclusion

Apple Head Chihuahua
a tiny chihuahua in a brown cardboard mailing box marked fragile licking his nose with a wet pink tongue. Image via Deposit Photos.

The tale of the world’s smallest police dog and her master will forever be etched as a reminder of the profound bonds that can exist between us. It is a story that reminds us that it’s beautiful connections like this one that elevate our existence. On this wild ride we call life, it’s the bonds we forge that are truly important.

Thank you for reading this article about the chihuahua police dog that dies of heartbreak! For more heartwarming tales of doggos, take a look at these stories:

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