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Eagle and Bison with US Flag, Illustration by Chris Weber with DallE
Eagle and Bison with US Flag, Illustration by Chris Weber with Dalle

Welcome to the US Animal News & Videos archive. Here we report on all things American wildlife and bring you the latest updates and intriguing stories. Our coverage expands across all states, reporting on bald eagles, urban coyotes and much more.

Explore the animal kingdom, American style!

Latest Animal News In the US

The Most Reported Animals in US News

Could you have guessed that these animals are the most reported in US news? Here are a few reasons why we think these animals regularly make headlines.

Animal Common Reasons for News CoverageConservation Status
1. Bald EagleSymbol of national heritage and conservation successLeast Concern
2. Florida PantherSuffering from habitat loss and human-wildlife conflictEndangered
3. Gray WolfReintroduction efforts and legal protectionLeast Concern
4. Grizzly BearConservation debates and human-bear interactionsLeast Concern
5. Monarch ButterflyUnique migration patterns and habitat lossEndangered
6. Sea TurtlesNesting sites and plastic pollutionVaries by species
7. American BisonRestoration efforts and historical significanceNear Threatened
8. HoneybeePollination importance and colony collapse disorderNot Evaluated
9. White-tailed DeerUrban encroachment and overpopulationLeast Concern
10. CoyoteUrban adaptation and human-wildlife interactionsLeast Concern
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