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Loyal Italian Cat Brings Gifts To His Owner’s Grave Everyday

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In Montagnana, northern Italy, a kitten named Toldo was rescued and developed a profound connection with his owner, Renzo, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

Toldo, the cat who gets gifts.
YouTube / wocomoWILDLIFE Cat visits his owner’s grave every day and brings him gifts

Following Renzo’s passing, Toldo has faithfully made daily visits to his owner’s grave, presenting him with a collection of modest offerings, which typically include leaves, sticks, twigs, plastic cups, or paper towels.

Neighbors observe Toldo’s daily presence at the cemetery, where he roams throughout the day.

Toldo, the cat who gets gifts.
YouTube / wocomoWILDLIFE Cat visits his owner’s grave every day and brings him gifts

Renzo’s widow, Ada, shared, “Today, I accompanied Toldo to the cemetery, and on our way back, someone I know mentioned that the cat had already been there earlier this morning.

The remarkable connection between Toldo and Renzo began on the day of the funeral when the cat followed the coffin from their home to the cemetery.

The following morning, Ada and her daughter returned to the gravesite. She recalled, “As my daughter and I visited the cemetery, we discovered a sprig of acacia on the grave. While I immediately suspected it was Toldo’s doing, my daughter was convinced that it was a result of my heightened emotional state at the time.”

However, on that particular night, Renzo’s son revisited the cemetery and discovered Toldo faithfully standing watch over the grave.

Ada recalls that her late husband had a remarkably close connection with Toldo, as he had taken the kitten in from a feral cat colony when he was just a young feline.

Toldo still visits the grave every day.

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Bottom Line

In the end, the story of Toldo, the loyal Italian cat, is a testament to the enduring power of love, the depths of companionship, and the beauty of connection that lingers long after we say our goodbyes. As Toldo still visits the grave every day, his silent vigil stands as a symbol of love’s eternal presence in our lives.

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