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Sausage Dog Prevents Moose Attack and Saves Owner

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This sausage dog is tiny in size but nonetheless has a big bark, which is what allowed it to prevent a moose attack and courageously save its owner.

tiny dog prevents moose attack
©A&E – YouTube

In the quiet corners of Arkansas, nature often unveils scenes that are both beautiful and terrifying.

This footage showcases a tense encounter between a moose and a sausage dog, highlighting the unpredictability of wildlife and the bravery exhibited by the tiniest of heroes.

Other than this tiny and furry hero, we’ve investigated the potential dangers posed by moose, and the frequency of such encounters in Arkansas.

The Potential Dangers of Moose

Moose, often perceived as gentle giants of the forest, actually possess immense strength and can pose significant dangers to humans and other animals. Their sheer size, coupled with a powerful build, makes them formidable opponents in the wild.

Adult moose can weigh anywhere from 800 to 1,500 pounds.

In the video, the moose’s imposing presence is evident when it towers over the tiny dog.

Despite their generally calm demeanor, moose can become aggressive when they feel threatened, showcasing their potential to be dangerous adversaries.

Sausage Dog Prevents Moose Attack: The Footage

YouTube video

The video starts with a peaceful scene. The snow glistens in the morning sun as a man is walking to his car – with his furry companion right behind him.

However, an unforeseen danger approaches in the form of a stealthy moose. Suddenly, the moose charges aggressively, targeting the unsuspecting individual. Luckily his four-legged companion reacts fast.

With a bark that belies its tiny size, the dog confronts the moose and manages to scare it off.

In doing this, this sausage dog prevents a potentially violent moose attack – proving the loyalty of our canine friends.

A Tiny Companion but a Big Hero

In the face of danger, the small dog showcased a level of bravery that left viewers in awe. Despite its diminutive size, the dog did not hesitate to confront the moose. This attests to its protective nature and courage.

The dog’s actions serve as a reminder that heroes come in all sizes. Its fearless approach and determination potentially prevented a more serious confrontation, earning it the title of a true hero.

Why Do Moose Go To Attack?


Moose are generally solitary creatures, preferring to keep to themselves in their natural habitats.

However, when they venture into human settlements, their behavior can become unpredictable. Factors such as feeling threatened, protecting their young, or being provoked can trigger aggressive responses from these gentle giants.

In the video, it is unclear what prompted the moose to approach, but its aggressive stance indicates that it perceived a potential threat, prompting it to react defensively.

Are Moose Attacks Common in Arkansas?

While Arkansas is home to a diverse range of wildlife, moose attacks are relatively uncommon in the region

Moose are not native to Arkansas, making such encounters a rare phenomenon. However, with changing environmental conditions and human encroachment into wildlife habitats, the possibility of such incidents occurring cannot be completely ruled out.

Residents are urged to exercise caution and maintain a safe distance from wildlife to prevent potential conflicts and ensure the safety of both humans and animals.

Sausage Dog Prevents Moose Attack: Conclusion

tiny dog prevents moose attack

The video serves as a stark reminder of the courage exhibited by the unlikeliest (and tiniest) of heroes. In a tense moment where danger loomed, a small dog stepped up, showcasing bravery that belied its size.

The moose is called the king of the forest for a reason, and we should keep a respectful distance from them for everybody’s safety.

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