Animals That Start With M

Monkeys, moths, and mosquitoes are just a few animals that begin with the letter M.  We’ve curated a list of animals that start with M for your consumption. You can join us on the ride.


Markhors are a species of goats found in the hills of Asia and the Middle East. These goats have long hair, and less than 2500 individuals exist in the wild today.

Macaroni Penguin

Macaroni Penguins are black and white like every other Penguin species. But they can be distinguished by the tuft of orange feathers on their heads.


Millipedes can be found anywhere in the world except Antarctica. These animals are not poisonous and are almost defenseless to predators.

MacKenzie Wolf

These animals are very skilled hunters. They don’t usually attack small prey. Instead, they go for bigger ones like elk and bison.


You can find these birds anywhere in the world. There are seventeen known species of magpies, and they are distinctive for their black and white coloration.

Malayan Tiger

This tiger is found in Malaysia. They are very territorial and will attack any male that strays into their territory.


You can also call these animals sea cows. But why sea cows? Well, that’s because they are big and graze on the seaweed. However, they are related to elephants.

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