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Animals That Start With L

Welcome to animals that start with L.

Animals that begin with the letter L are ubiquitous. This is an exciting list full of familiar animals and new species we have yet to meet. Enjoy.


Labrador Retriever







Leopard Frog












1. Labradoodle

 labradoodle - animals that stat with l

The labradoodle is a cross between a poodle and a Labrador retriever. Its curly coat and sweet face make it look like a stuffed animal.

It is naturally curious and energetic, making it a great companion for children or adults with active lifestyles.

Fun Fact: The breed was initially created as a service dog.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

It was bred from Canadian fishing dogs in the United Kingdom. There are a lot of Labrador crossbreeds.

It is active and would require regular exercise. It is friendly and trusts strangers, making it a poor guard dog.

Fun Fact: According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed.

3. Ladybug

The ladybug - animals that start with l

There are more than 5,000 species of ladybugs found worldwide. They are known for their brightly-colored and patterned elytra.

Ladybugs are carnivorous and feed on smaller insects.

Fun Fact: States like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Delaware, and Ohio have the ladybug as their state insect.

4. Lamprey

lampreys - animals that start with l

This fish is also called the vampire fish because of its fondness for blood. It is a parasitic saltwater animal that feeds on the blood of other fish.

Its primary characteristic is its round, lawless, sucker-like mouth.

Fun Fact: During reproduction, male lampreys wrap themselves around females to squeeze out eggs.

5. Leech

Leech - animals that start with l

The leech is a predator and blood-sucking parasite native to all continents except Antarctica.

Its distinctive features are the two suckers on one end of its body. In ancient times, leeches were used in medicine and are still used today.

Fun Fact: Leeches have ten eyes but still have poor vision.

6. Lemming

Lemmings - animals that start with l

Lemmings are tiny rodents that live in or around the Arctic. They have stout bodies and small body features.

They feed mainly on seeds, grass, roots, and berries and do not hibernate at all.

Fun Fact: Lemmings can reproduce within less than a month of being born themselves.

7. Lemur


Lemurs are nocturnal, fox-like creatures with narrow white faces. They have pointed ears and a small, moist nose. Their tails can be much longer than their bodies.

They are native to the island of Madagascar.

Fun Fact: Lemurs are one of the few animals that live in a matriarchal society, with one female leading the troop.

8. Leopard


They are native to sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia. They are carnivorous and are characterized by the ring-like patterns that cover them called rosettes.

Sometimes they are referred to as Panthers.

Fun Fact: Leopards were initially thought to be hybrids of the lion and jaguar.

9. Leopard Frog

Leopard frog

As the name implies, this amphibian possesses distinct leopard-like spots all over its body. They can be found in Southern Canada.

The tadpoles are herbivores, but the adults are carnivorous and can even be cannibalistic. Another great one from the list of animals that start with l.

Fun Fact: They can jump as high as three feet.


10. Liger

The liger is created by mating a male lion and a female tiger. But because the two animals are in different parts of the world, it is unlikely to occur naturally.

The liger is more of a lion than a tiger. It takes on a lot of physical traits of a lion, although it does possess faint stripes from its mother.

Fun Fact: Unlike its ferocious parents, it is pretty gentle.

11. Lion


Lions are big cats that are native to Africa and Asia. The males are known for their long and thick mane. They also possess tufts of fur at the end of their tails.

They cohabit in small groups called pride. Most members of the pride are female.

Fun Facts: Lions have been kept in zoos since as early as the eighteenth century in England.

12. Lionfish


The Lionfish is known for its striped body markings and long spines. Its appearance makes it a fish of choice for aquariums and warns predators away.

Fun Fact: It has a vicious venom that can cause severe symptoms in humans.

13. Lizard

Lizards - animals that start with l

Lizards live worldwide and there’re over 5,000 species. They come in various colors and are characterized by their external ear opening.

Their scaly skin doesn’t allow for much evaporation, so they can stay a long time without water.

Fun Fact: Many species can change their color to camouflage themselves.

14. Llama


Llamas are homeless, domesticated pack animals of the camel family. They are popular in the exotic pet trade.

They have no upper teeth, so their bites are relatively harmless.

Fun Fact: Llamas are the only species scientists say humans can hug safely.

15. Lobster

Lobsters - animals that start with l

American Lobsters grow continuously throughout their lives and can grow to incredible sizes. Furthermore, lobsters are greenish-brown in color and only turn red after you cook them.

They are omnivores and have poor eyesight.

Fun Fact: A lobster’s underbelly is as strong as car tires.

16. Locust


Locusts are a subset of grasshoppers that develop swarming behavior and excessive growth in certain conditions. Also, they are notorious destroyers of vegetation.

They eat soft foliage and can become cannibalistic when food is scarce.

Fun Fact: These insects are some of the oldest bugs, staying relatively unchanged since the Triassic era.

17. Lorikeet

The lorikeet - animals that start with l

The lorikeet inhabits the forests of Australia and Southeast Asia. It looks like a parrot, but there are slight differences between them.

The lorikeet’s beak is narrower than that of most parrots, and it possesses a long brush-like tongue that is unique to it.

Fun Fact: The lorikeet is an accomplished acrobat. It can hang upside down to gather food.

18. Loon

Loon - an animal that starts with l

The loon is an aquatic diving bird found in North America and Eurasia. They have long and low-slung bodies with spear-like beaks and blood-red eyes.

Fun Fact: They produce an eerie, haunting call that some associate with early summer.

19. Lyrebird


The Lyrebird is a songbird that is known for its skill in mimicry. It can mimic any sound it hears.

They possess a very long tail that resembles a veil and can be as long as 28 inches.

Fun Fact: There is a displaying Lyrebird behind the Australian ten-cent coin.

20. Lynx


The Lynx is one of the biggest wild cats in North America. You can also find it in Europe and Asia.

Its large furry paws, stubby tail, and long ear tufts characterize it. They are strict carnivores and opportunistic feeders.

Fun Fact: Lynxes have furry paws that act as natural snowshoes for their feet.

Summary of animals that start with L

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We hope you enjoyed this list as much as we did. See you next time, but before you leave, you might want to take a look at this list of exotic animals that start with r.

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