Animals that start with U

Are you eager to discover a comprehensive list of animals that begin with the letter U, including interesting fun facts?

The Uakaris are monkeys that commonly inhabit the Amazon rain forest.   They originate from South America. Their most distinctive feature is  their bald face.


They mostly live in savanna woodlands, grasslands, and floodplains with proximity to a water source. The females are much more social  and they often lead the group when they move.

Uganda Kob

A.k.a. the Japanese bush warbler or the Japanese nightingale, the uguisu  is a small bird that vocalizes melodious music, particularly in spring.


Uinta Chipmunks are somewhat rare animals that are only found in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado,  Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. They favor forests with extremely  elevated trees.

Uinta Chipmunk

They are famous for their calm temperament and friendly disposition.  They feature big powerful bones and weigh about 1000 pounds.

Ukrainian Riding Horse

They are a marsupial indigenous to Queensland, Australia. They are powerfully agile animals that keep awake at night.

Unadorned Rock Wallaby

There are still so many incredible animals to find out about that start with U.

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