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Animals That Start With W

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Welcome to animals that start with w.

Here is a detailed list of animals that start with w. We’ve also gathered some fun facts about the animals that you should see.

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This list takes us through an exciting world of animals that start with the letter W.

Sit back and enjoy.

Overview of animals that start with W

1. Whale Shark

Whale Shark - animals that start with w

These filter feeders are the largest fish in the world. You would expect their large size to make them deadly, but they are not. They feed mainly on fishes, crabs, and planktons. These carnivorous fishes are widespread in warm waters and open oceans.

Fun Fact: Whale sharks are so huge that they can grow up to 40 feet in length.

2. Walrus

Walrus - animals that start with w

Walruses have thick hair coverings, a pair of tusks, and whiskers. They also have flippers which they use to swim. These animals live in the Arctic circle, and they are found on floating ice of the ocean.

The male walruses are bigger than the females. They protect their families from predators and provide for them.

Fun Fact:  Walruses have up to 250 whiskers on their face.

3. Weasel

Weasel - animals that start with w

Weasels are the smallest carnivores mammals in the world. They hunt mice, voles, and lemmings. These creative hunters are found in forests and land areas with tall trees. After their first birthday, their males become sexually mature and wander off to start their own families.

Fun Fact:  Weasels have to eat as much as one-third of their body weight each day for their survival.

4. Wyoming Toad

Wyoming Toad

Wyoming Toads are already extinct in the wild, but they still exist in zoos and animal preservation centers. These amphibians prey on beetles and ants. They have two bulged eyes, but they still rely on their hearing senses for locating their food.

Fun Fact:  They release poisonous substances from their neck gland when attacked by predators.

5. Woodpecker

Woodpecker - animals that start with w

These birds are found in all parts of the world, except the polar regions. They live in areas with trees. Woodpeckers have specialized feet that give them a good grip on trees. They make their nests in the trunk of trees.

Woodpeckers are omnivores, but they feed primarily on seeds. They are attacked by rodents, snakes, and wild cats.

Fun Fact:  These creatures have feathers on their beaks, preventing debris from entering their eyes.

6. Wooly Monkey

Wooly Monkey
Source: Wikimedia-

These arboreal primates are found in South America. They have a long, powerful tail that adds to their climbing abilities. Wildcats and Humans are the main predators of wooly monkeys. They are intelligent, playful animals, and they have a lifespan of about 6 – 9 years.

Fun Fact:  They get their name from their soft fur that looks like wool.

7. Walking Catfish

Walking Catfish

Walking Catfishes are freshwater fishes found in ponds, lakes, and swamps. These omnivores are located mainly in Asia. They are found singly and form pairs only during mating seasons.

Fun Fact:  They have modified gills that allow them to survive in moist land for an extended period.

8. Walleye Fish

Walleye Fish  - animals that start with w

These freshwater fishes are also known as Yellow pikes. They have the same basic structures as ordinary fish, but their eyes are large and glassy. They live in lakes, streams, and ponds. Walleye fishes move in a group in the shallow parts of their habitat.

Fun Fact: Their bulged eyes give them good vision at night.

9. Warthog


These African mammals are omnivores, but they feed mainly on bulbs, grasses, and roots. They only eat meat when plants are scarce. Warthogs have big bumps and two pairs of tusks on their face. They also have strong hooves that they use to dig the earth.

Fun Fact: Warthogs don’t make their homes. Instead, they live in an abandoned den of the aardvarks.

10. Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo - animals that start with w

These herbivores travel in herds and are attacked by many wild animals. They are a cosmopolitan species and have been domesticated for thousands of years. Water Buffaloes spend a lot of their day in rivers, or sometimes wallowing in the mud like pigs.

Fun fact: Their horns can grow up to 10 feet!

11. Western Gorilla

Western Gorilla - animals that start with w

These endangered species are one of the two subspecies of the African Gorilla. These apes are large; An average male weighs about 250 – 400Ibs. They have a lifespan of 35 – 50 years. Western gorillas are herbivores, but they may feed on insects and lizards.

Fun Fact: These mammals make basic tools to gather their food effectively.

12. White Tiger

White Tiger

These wild cats thrive in habitats with a good supply of water. Their furs are white with black stripes. White tigers have blue eyes, which are easily spotted by their prey. They feed on herbivores animals. They are the second-largest tiger species after the Siberian tiger, weighing about 300 – 400kg.

Fun Fact: White Tigers mate specifically with other White Tigers with their genes.

13. Wallaby

Wallaby - an animals that starts with w

There are about 30 species of these marsupials. They have similar characteristics to the kangaroos. They are differentiated from the kangaroos by their short height. They travel in herds and feed on grasses, leaves, fruits, and seeds.

Fun Fact: Wallabies are hunted down by many animals, including domestic dogs and cats.

14. Whiptail Lizard

Whiptail Lizard - animals that start with w
Source: Desert Grassland Whiptail Lizard

You can also call these whiptail lizards because of their long, slim tails, about three times their body length. These reptiles have a lifespan of seven years and are preys to foxes, coyotes, hawks, and Gila lizards.

Fun Fact: A lot of them reproduce asexually.

15. White Ferrets

White Ferrets are mainly domestic and unable to survive in the wild. They are social animals, and you can also refer to them as Albino Ferrets. They are carnivores and feed on rats, mice, and rabbits.

Fun Fact: These carnivores occasionally eat vegetables and fruits.

16. Western Rat Snake

Western Rat Snake

These North American snakes have black skins with white markings that become darker as they mature. Western Rat snakes have unique scales on their lower body that enable them to climb trees effectively.

Fun Fact: These snakes can grow as long as 9 feet.

17. Wild boar

Wild boar

They are also known as Wild pigs. These omnivores have a lifespan of 15 – 20 years. They usually travel in groups and are found in Asia and Europe. Their young ones are cared for by their moms until they get to their second year.

Fun Fact: The males of these weird mammals use their upper tusks to sharpen their lower tusks.

18. White-Tailed Eagle

White-Tailed Eagle - animals that start with w

These sea eagles are apex predators. They live in a wide range of countries, especially in Europe. The feathers of these birds are brown, and as their name suggests, they have whitetails. They feed mainly on fishes and you can also call them Eurasian Fish Eagles.

Fun Fact: They are the largest birds in Europe, with wingspans of about 6 – 8 feet.

19. White Rhinoceros

White Rhinoceros - animals that start with w

White Rhinoceros are solitary animals that feed mainly on fruits, grasses, and leaves. They live in Tropical bushland and savannah habitat.

Fun Fact: They are the second-largest land animals in the world.

20. Whoodle

Whoodle - animals that start with w

They are a mixed breed of a Poodle and a Wheaten Terrier. They are feature very long furs. These pets are quite intelligent, but they cost much to own.

Fun Fact: Whoodles are excellent swimmers.

Full List of Animals With Letter W

AnimalFun Fact
Whale SharkThe largest fish in the world, growing up to 40 feet
WalrusHave up to 250 whiskers on their face
WeaselSmallest carnivorous mammals, have to eat one-third of their body weight each day for survival
Wyoming ToadExtinct in the wild, release poisonous substances when attacked by predators
WoodpeckerHave feathers on their beaks to prevent debris from entering their eyes
Wooly MonkeyArboreal primates with a long, powerful tail
Walking CatfishFreshwater fish with modified gills that allow them to survive on land for an extended period
Walleye FishFreshwater fish with large, glassy eyes for good night vision
WarthogOmnivorous mammals with two pairs of tusks, live in abandoned aardvark dens
Water BuffaloHerbivorous animals with horns that can grow up to 10 feet
Western GorillaEndangered species of large African apes
White TigerTigers with white fur and blue eyes
WallabyShorter relatives of kangaroos that travel in herds
Whiptail LizardLizards with long, slim tails and the ability to reproduce asexually
White FerretAlbino ferrets that are mainly domesticated
Western Rat SnakeNorth American snakes with unique climbing abilities
Wild BoarOmnivorous animals that travel in groups
White-Tailed EagleApex predators with brown feathers and white tails
White RhinocerosSolitary animals and the second-largest land animals
WhoodleMixed breed of Poodle and Wheaten Terrier

Summary of animals that start with W

White goat with small kids grazing on the grass.

Well, that was a fun ride, wasn’t it? We hope you had a great time. The thrill doesn’t have to end here. Here is another list of animals that start with F for you to enjoy. We’ll see you next time.

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