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Animals that start with U

Welcome to animals that start with the u.

Are you eager to discover a comprehensive list of animals that begin with the letter U, including interesting fun facts? Then you’re absolutely on the right page.

Overview of animals that start with U


Ucayali Spiny Mouse

Uda Sheep

Uganda Kob


 Uganda Woodland Warbler

Uinta Chipmunk

Uinta Ground Squirrel

Ukrainian Riding Horse

Ultramarine Grosbeak

Ultramarine Lorikeet



Unadorned Rock Wallaby

Unicorn Fish

Union Jack Butterfly

Unexpected Cotton Rat

Upland Pipit

Ussuri white-toothed Shrew

Utah Blind Snake

1. Uakari

 Bald Uakari monkey

The Uakaris are monkeys that commonly inhabit the Amazon rain forest.  They originate from South America. Their most distinctive feature is their bald face. The monkeys feature long shaggy coats. In addition, of all four species, the bald uakari which has a distinct red face is the most known.

Fun Fact:  The Uakaris have shorter tails than other monkeys in America.

2. Ucayali Spiny Mouse

 Ucayali spiny mice

The Ucayali spiny mice are tiny rodents that live in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Like the Uakaris, they inhabit the Amazon rain forest. They have unique self-defense tactics against predators.

Fun Fact: In the face of an attack, these spiny mice shed their skin and run.

3. Uda Sheep

Uda Sheep

Uda sheep stand out due to peculiar markings which gives them a unique appearance (akin to one wearing white pants and a brown shirt). They are domesticated sheep from Africa that are solely bred for their meat.

Fun Fact:  Unlike other sheep, their fur bears more semblances to hair than fur.

4. Uganda Kob

Uganda Kob

Commonly found in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Ugandan Kobs belong to a family of antelopes. They mostly live in savanna woodlands, grasslands, and floodplains with proximity to a water source.

Fun Fact: The female species are much more social than their male counterparts and they often lead the group when they move as a pack.

5. Uguisu


A.k.a. the Japanese bush warbler or the Japanese nightingale, the uguisu is a small bird that vocalizes melodious music, particularly in spring. They have astonishingly beautiful and soothing voices such that female announcers with melodious voices are called Uguisu-Jo. Also check Animals that Start with W if you like this article!

Fun Fact: The dropping of the Uguisu bird is a common ingredient in skin whitening products.

 6. Uganda Woodland Warbler

 Uganda woodland warblers

The Uganda woodland warblers are small-sized birds with remarkable flying speed. The birds are easily identified by their cacophony of fast-paced and high-pitched notes. They are native to Uganda and Equatorial Guinea.

Fun Fact: The Ugandan warblers sing as fast as they fly.

7. Uinta Chipmunk

 Uganda woodland warblers

Uinta Chipmunks are somewhat rare animals that are only found in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. They favor forests with extremely elevated trees.

Fun Fact: Unlike other chipmunks, the Uinta species do not hibernate; rather they store large amounts of food against winter.

8. Uinta Ground Squirrel

Uinta ground squirrel

The Uinta ground squirrel is a rodent belonging to the squirrel family, Sciuridae. They mostly live in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Utah. They favor grasslands and shrublands. The squirrels sport brown-gray fur and a bushy tail.

Fun Fact: The ground squirrels hibernate from mid-July to mid-March.

9. Ukrainian Riding Horse

 Ukrainian horses

The Ukrainian horses as the name implies are horse breeds from Ukraine. They are famous for their calm temperament and friendly disposition. They feature big powerful bones and weigh about 1000 pounds.

Fun Fact: They are without doubt one of the smartest and good-tempered horses alive.

10. Ultramarine Grosbeak

 ultramarine grosbeaks

The ultramarine grosbeaks are bird species indigenous to South America with large populations in Colombia and Venezuela. They sport different colors including blue, black, and brown. They are mostly found in thickets near water.

Fun Fact: The male birds are colored blue and black, while the females are brown.

11. Ultramarine Lorikeet

Ultramarine lorikeet

Firstly, these are one of the most colorful parrots alive, the ultramarine lorikeet is shrouded in blue, orange, and green colors. Secondly, they grow to an estimated seven inches in length and weigh just 1.2 ounces. However, they are on the brink of extinction and are can only be seen in Ua Huka, French Polynesia.

Fun Fact: There are no more than 2000 ultramarine lorikeets in existence.

12. Uliodon


A vagrant spider, the Uliodon is a spider that’s native to New Zealand. They mostly inhabit forests, under logs, and beneath burrows where they hunt insects. Furthermore, they have exceptionally strong legs that are suitable for digging.

Fun Fact: The spiders are commonly found indoors during March.

13. Umbrellabird


Native to Central and South America, umbrellabirds are unique birds with an umbrella-like crest covering their head (hence, the name). In addition, there are currently three species of umbrellabirds; the Long-wattled, Amazonian, and Bare-necked Umbrellabirds.

Fun Fact: Umbrellabirds have a pound of flesh (wattle) that protrudes from their neck. The organ helps amplify their echoing calls.

14. Unadorned Rock Wallaby

 Unadorned rock wallaby

The Unadorned rock wallaby is a marsupial indigenous to Queensland, Australia. Its morphology mirrors that of the Kangaroo family, featuring sturdy hind legs, short arms, and a long tail. They are powerfully agile animals that keep awake at night.

Fun Fact: The unadorned rock wallaby gets its name from its pale, plain coat.

15. Unicorn Fish


While they aren’t as magical or mythical as portrayed, the unicornfish are distinct, sleek fishes with a single horn projecting from their forehead. Tropical in nature, you can find these fishes in the waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Two species have been located in Hawaii.

Fun Fact: They are not magical fishes but they do have the horn that is portrayed in mythical stories.

16. Union Jack Butterfly

 Union Jack Butterflies

A beautiful entry for our animals that start with u list. You guessed right! The Union Jack Butterflies are so named because of their unique coloration which resembles the British flag. Though they originally took root in Australia, they have long migrated to other parts of the world including Papua New Guinea, Japan, and Indonesia.

Fun Fact: The insect’s caterpillars only eat mistletoe plants and these are the only plants that the butterfly lays its eggs on.

17. Unexpected Cotton Rat

cotton rats

The unexpected cotton rats are rodents found in the Ecuador Mountains. They are called cotton rats because they use the material to make their nests. They are considered endangered species due to human invasion.

Fun Fact: They are notorious for stealing cotton, thus they are considered pests by cotton farmers.

18. Upland Pipit

Upland pipit

Upland pipits are some of the largest pipits in existence. They are typically found in Hong Kong, China, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. These pipits’ preferred habitat is foothills and mountains, but they descend during cold winter months.

Fun Fact: They are often confused with Richard’s and Blyth’s Pipits; however they have denser streaks and a more compact beak.

19. Ussuri white-toothed Shrew

Ussuri white-toothed Shrew

These are small rodents that are popular in Russia, Korea, and China. They are some of the largest shrew species. They are typically found underground where they burrow and hunt their meal.

Fun Fact:  The Ussuri shrews are foul-smelling, which deters most predators from eating them.

 20. Utah Blind Snake

 western blind snake

Also known as western blind snakes, the Utah blind snakes are snakes prevalent in Utah. They appear to have no eyes but their eyes are hidden behind their scales. The snake’s eyes are dark in color and look more like scales than eyes.

Fun Fact:  They are often confused for worms.

Summary of animals that start with u

And there you have it. A host of interesting animals starting with the letter u. We’ve covered even more alphabets on our blog, so, don’t hesitate to take a look. You can start with this article covering animals that start with y.