Animals that start with Y

Are you eager to discover a comprehensive list of animals that begin with the letter Y, including interesting fun facts?

Fun Fact: These are the rarest species of penguins on the planet.

Yellow-eyed Penguin

Fun Fact: Newly hatched Yellowfin tuna are almost microscopic.

Yellowfin Tuna

Fun Fact: Yeti crabs stay on top of each other near hydrothermal vents for warmth; these mounds may have up to 700 crabs per square meter.

Yeti Crab

Fun Fact: The Yuma Myotis also uses its interfemoral membrane as a pouch to help it snag larger insects.

Yuma Myotis

Fun Fact: Yellowhammer eggs have dark scribbles that look like someone has been writing on them with ink!


Fun Fact: The Yacare Caimans eat the shells of their young after they are hatched.

Yacare Caiman

There are still so many incredible animals to find out about that start with Y.

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