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Animals That Start With Y

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Welcome to animals that start with y.

Animals with names that begin with ‘Y’ may not be as numerous as other letters. But they do exist. Some of them are definitely around you. You’ll get to see a few animals you already know, and maybe some other new ones. So, you can sit back and enjoy the list. Let’s go.

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Overview of animals that start with y

1. Yabby

Cyan yabby
Source: Wikipedia.

The Yabby is a freshwater crayfish species that lives in many parts of Australia. You can also refer to it as the Cyan Yabby due to its bright blue color. Catching these animals is a popular activity in Australia.

Fun Fact: A Yabby can travel many kilometers across dry land.

2. Yak


These are relatively heavy animals that live in Tibet, China, and Central Asia. These hairy animals can withstand low temperatures and don’t have a problem living in places with low oxygen. Consequently, these features make them suitable for mountain peaks.

Fun Fact: Yaks find living in lower altitudes difficult, and due to their thick fur, mild temperatures give them heat fatigue.

3. Yellow Ground Squirrel

Yellow Ground Squirrel

The Yellow Ground Squirrel is a large squirrel species common in many parts of Russia and Central Asia. Furthermore, these animals are at home in the sandy steppes and live on a diet of seeds, leaves, bulbs, and stems.

Fun Fact: Yellow Ground Squirrels hibernate but may also aestivate. Aestivation is basically hibernation but in the summer!

4. Yellow Mongoose

Yellow Mongoose

This is a species of mongoose that is prevalent in parts of Southern Africa. Also, these mongooses have yellow to reddish fur, with a long tail and lighter undersides.

Fun Fact: Some yellow mongoose can carry the rabies virus for years, without any symptoms but still infectious.

5. Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow Sac Spider

The Yellow Sac Spider lives in many parts of America, with similar species in many other parts of the world. In addition, these spiders are nocturnal and build tiny web sacs to rest during the day.

Fun Fact: The Yellow Sac Spider does not catch prey with its webs; it actively hunts prey.

6. Yellow-eyed Penguin

Yellow-eyed Penguin
Source: Yellow eyed penguin.

This is the fourth largest penguin in the world, and it is native to New Zealand. Also, you can distinguish it by its yellow eyes and the yellow stripe that runs from one eye to the other behind its head.

Fun Fact: These are the rarest species of penguins on the planet.

7. Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

The long yellow fins that protrude from this tuna’s back and stomach make it very distinctive. It may weigh about 450 pounds and is the second most commonly eaten tuna species.

Fun Fact: Newly hatched Yellowfin tuna are almost microscopic.

8. Yeti Crab

Yeti Crab
Source: Wikipedia.

This is a species of deep-sea crabs that live near hydrothermal vents. They got their name for the ‘hair’ on their arms, which they use to gather bacteria to eat.

Fun Fact: Yeti crabs stay on top of each other near hydrothermal vents for warmth; these mounds may have up to 700 crabs per square meter.

9. Yellow-winged Bat

Yellow-winged Bat
Source: Wikimedia-Dries Sagaert

The Yellow-winged bat is a species of false vampire bats found in Africa. These bats feed on insects and live in trees, cavities, and sometimes buildings.

Fun Fact: Yellow-winged bats usually have two roosts at any time.

10. Yuma Myotis

Yuma Myotis

The Yuma Myotis is a species of vesper bats found in North America. It has a dull coat that is significantly lighter on the underside and an interfemoral membrane that aids its flight.

Fun Fact: The Yuma Myotis also uses its interfemoral membrane as a pouch to help it snag larger insects.

11. Yellow-throated Marten

The Yellow-throated Marten is the largest of the old world martens in existence. It has beautiful fur with a blend of white, yellow, brown, and black. To sum up, they are native to Asia.

Fun Fact: Yellow-throated martens are omnivores, and their food may range from fruits to cats and small deer.

12. Yellowhammer


This species of bunting birds can be found in many parts of the world. The adult male Yellowhammer has bright yellow feathers on its head and undersides. Others have duller colors of the same pattern.

Fun Fact: Yellowhammer eggs have dark scribbles that look like someone has been writing on them with ink!

13. Yacare Caiman

Yacare Caiman
Source: Wikipedia.

The Yacare Caiman is a crocodilian that is native to the countries of Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. Humans hunted them heavily for their skin in the ’80s, but thanks to conservative restrictions, their numbers are increasing.

Fun Fact: The Yacare Caimans eat the shells of their young after they are hatched.

14. Yellow-footed Antechinus

Yellow-footed Antechinus
Source: Wikimedia-

You can find this tiny marsupial in Australia. Like most marsupials, it has a pouch, but it looks like a shrew.

Fun Fact: Yellow-footed Antechinus have a short life span of less than a year.

15. Yellowjacket

Yellow-footed Antechinus

The Yellowjacket is an aggressive species of wasp that can be found anywhere humans reside. They have yellow and black stripes that make them look like Bees, but they aren’t.

Fun Fact: Since they feed on crop pests, yellowjackets benefit agriculture.

16. Yellow-backed Duiker

Yellow-backed Duiker
Source: Wikipedia-

Another interesting member of the animals that start with y club. This is the most common type of duiker found in western and central Africa. These speedy animals are quick to bolt at the sign of a threat.

Fun Fact: Yellow-backed duikers have yellow hairs on their back that stand when they are threatened.

17. Yellow Anaconda

Yellow Anaconda

This is a snake species found in many regions of South America. It is one of the largest snakes in the world and has a habitat close to bodies of water.

Fun Fact: Yellow Anacondas are not venomous; so, they kill prey by squeezing them to death.

18. Yellow-eye Rockfish

Yellow-eye Rockfish
Source: Wikipedia.

The Yellow-eye Rockfish is a species of large fish that live in the eastern pacific. In addition, these fish change color as they age, from reddish to bright orange to pale yellow.

Fun Fact: Yellow-eye rockfish can live for up to 120 years.

19. Yungas Pygmy Owl

Yungas Pygmy Owl
Source: Wikipedia.

The Yungas Pygmy Owl is a species of owl found in Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. Also, these owls have dark feathers and false eyes on their napes to trick attackers.

Fun Fact: Yungas Pygmy Owls can turn their necks up to 270 degrees like all owls.

20. Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog

Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog
Source: Wikipedia.

These frogs are found in the parts of Venezuela, Brazil, and the eastern edges of Columbia. They are highly poisonous and noted for their yellow and black coloration.

Fun Fact: These frogs rely on eating certain insects for their poison. Therefore, without those, they’d become harmless.

Full List of Animals with Letter Y

imalFun Fact
YabbyFreshwater crayfish species found in Australia, can travel long distances on dry land
YakLarge, hairy animals native to Tibet, China, and Central Asia
Yellow Ground SquirrelLarge squirrel species found in Russia and Central Asia, hibernates and aestivates
Yellow MongooseMongoose species with yellow to reddish fur, found in Southern Africa
Yellow Sac SpiderSpider species that builds tiny web sacs to rest during the day
Yellow-eyed PenguinFourth largest penguin species with yellow eyes, native to New Zealand
Yellowfin TunaTuna species with long yellow fins, commonly eaten and can weigh about 450 pounds
Yeti CrabDeep-sea crab species with “hairy” arms, lives near hydrothermal vents
Yellow-winged BatBat species found in Africa, feeds on insects and lives in trees and cavities
Yuma MyotisBat species found in North America, has a dull coat and uses interfemoral membrane as a pouch
Yellow-throated MartenLargest old world marten species, native to Asia
YellowhammerBunting bird species with bright yellow feathers on the head and undersides
Yacare CaimanCrocodilian species native to South American countries, hunted for their skin in the past
Yellow-footed AntechinusTiny marsupial found in Australia, has a short lifespan of less than a year
YellowjacketAggressive species of wasp with yellow and black stripes
Yellow-backed DuikerCommon duiker species found in western and central Africa, known for its speed
Yellow AnacondaLarge snake species found in South America, non-venomous and kills prey by constriction
Yellow-eye RockfishLarge fish species found in the eastern Pacific, changes color as it ages
Yungas Pygmy OwlOwl species found in South American countries, has false eyes on its nape to deceive predators
Yellow-banded Poison Dart FrogPoisonous frog species with yellow and black coloration, found in parts of South America

Summary of animals Starting With Y

In conclusion, some of these animals that start with y are popular and can be found near you. You can look closely for them when you move around. You’ll be surprised at how many of them you see. Take a look at this interesting list of animals that start with u. Stay safe.

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