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Meet The 20 Most Popular Animals Of Alabama

Black Widow Spider. Chuck Evans(mcevan)”., CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons
Black Widow Spider. Chuck Evans(mcevan)”., CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Ever wondered what the most popular animals are in all of Alabama? Now is your time to have the answer revealed. I have been pretty curious myself. So let’s jump right in together!

#1 Whitetail Deer

Columbian White-Tailed Deer
White-tailed deer are a very cute looking species with their large ears. Image by Joe Cox via Unsplash

The whitetail deer is often spotted in Alabama’s forests and fields. It is a familiar sight for many. Especially, with its graceful leaps and distinctive white tail, this species symbolizes the state’s abundant wildlife.

#2 Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey
A pair of wild turkeys on the edge of a forest. Image via Depositphotos

Alabama’s woods echo with the distinctive gobble of the wild turkey, a resident of the state’s diverse habitats. These birds are more of a regular sight but also a target for hunters during their turkey season.

#3 Raccoon

Raccoon sniffing around. Image by Henry Dinardo on Unsplash.

Generally, known for its mischievous antics and facial mask, the raccoon thrives with its cleverness and adaptability. It’s no wonder this creature has earned a place in the hearts of Alabamians.

#4 Black Bear

Baby Black Bear.
Baby Black Bear. Image by via Depositphotos

The black bear roams the forests and swamps of Alabama. Thus, captivating wildlife enthusiasts with its imposing presence. Though sightings are rare, the bear’s existence dipicts the state’s rich natural heritage.

#5 Eastern Box Turtle

Box turtle on the move. Image via Depositphotos

Slow and steady, the eastern box turtle traverses Alabama’s woodlands. These reptiles have captured the imagination of many, with their distinctive shells keeping them safe.

American Alligator. Image by Donald W DeLoach Jr, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Evidently, the American alligator roams Alabama’s wetlands. Especially, showing off its powerful jaws and prehistoric presence. Despite its fearsome reputation, this creature plays a critical role in controlling the area’s ecological equilibrium.

#7 Northern Bobwhite

Northern Bobwhite. Image by spineback via Depositphotos

The distinctive call of the northern bobwhite sounds out across Alabama’s grasslands. These birds add a particular charm to the countryside, with their beautiful looks.

#8 Copperhead Snake

Copperhead Snake Bite
Copperhead Snake. Image via Shutterstock

Slithering through Alabama’s forests, the copperhead snake is both feared and revered for its venomous bite. They are a reminder of the need for caution in the wild.

#9 Red Fox

Wild red fox
Red fox in the wild. Image via Depositphotos

Generally, the sleek red fox is found in the countryside. Its fiery coat moving along the green landscape. Its nocturnal habits and elusive nature just add a little something extra to this incredible creature.

#10 Great Blue Heron

great blue heron
A great blue heron takes flight. Image by Joshua J. Cotten via Unsplash

Evidently, we have reached the middle of our list of most popular animals of Alabama. Standing elegantly along Alabama’s waterways, the great blue heron is a sight to behold. Its long legs and graceful movements captivating observers. As a symbol of purity and tranquility, this bird holds a special place in the hearts of many.

#11 White-tailed Hawk

white tailed hawk
White-tailed Hawk (Geranoaetus albicaudatus) – Bird of Prey. Image by diegograndi via Depositphotos

The white-tailed hawk soars through Alabama’s skies. Evidently, its keen eyes scanning the landscape below for prey. Its impressive wingspan and hunting skills, this bird of prey is admired by all.

#12 Bottlenose Dolphin

bottlenose dolphin
Bottlenose dolphins swimming together. Image by Kammeran Gonzalezkeola via Unsplash

In the warm waters of Alabama’s Gulf Coast, the bottlenose dolphin is often seen playing in the water. These intelligent marine mammals make a range of distinct sounds, harmonious to the ear.

#13 Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern Gray Squirrel
Eastern Gray Squirrel hiding away. Image by Johnson Chung via Unsplash

Generally, the eastern gray squirrel is found bounding through Alabama’s forests with boundless energy. Its bushy tail and nimble movements, this creature adds charm to any landscape.

#14 Bobcat

Bobcat. Image by twildlife via Depositphotos

The bobcat, is also known as the red lynx. Furthermore, it is one of the four species within the medium-sized wild cat genus Lynx. 

#15 Osprey

osprey animals in new jersey
Osprey. Image by Mathew Schwartz via Unsplash

Generally, with its piercing gaze and powerful wings, the osprey reigns supreme along Alabama’s coastline. It can be seen diving gracefully into the waters in search of fish. 

#16 Black Widow Spider

black widow bite
Black Widow spider outdoors on a web. Image via Depositphotos

Hiding in the shadows of Alabama’s barns and sheds, the black widow spider casts a sinister silhouette with its distinctive red hourglass marking. Even though it is feared by many, this arachnid plays an important role in controlling insect populations around this region.

#17 Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit in its natural habitat. Image by David Solce via Unsplash

Undoubtedly found bounding through Alabama’s fields and meadows, the eastern cottontail rabbit depicts innocence and vitality. With its soft fur and twitching nose, this creature brings joy to all who encounter it.

#18 Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake photographed in Scranton, United States. Image by Anastasia Pirri via Unsplash

Coiled and ready to strike, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake needs respect with its venomous bite. It can be easily heard with its distinctive rattling sound. Luckily though encounters with this snake are rare, its presence serves as a reminder of the dangers of the wild.

#19 Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Loggerhead Sea Turtle. ukanda, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Image by ukanda via Wikimedia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nesting along Alabama’s sandy shores, the loggerhead sea turtle starts an epic journey across the oceans. Only to return year after year to lay its eggs. As a symbol of endurance and resilience, this ancient mariner captures the imagination of all who witness its plight.

#20 Northern Cardinal

Northern cardinal. Image via depositphotos

Generally, found perched atop trees and bushes, the northern cardinal adds a splash of color. Its vibrant plumage and melodious song stands out. As the state bird, this beloved bird holds a special place in the hearts of Alabamians.

black widow bite spiderman
A Deadly Black Widow Spider Waits in its Web. Image by Depositphotos

In conclusion, these are the most popular animals in Florida. Furthermore, I have never seen an Box Turtle before, it would be an incredible sighting! I think I may need to visit Florida soon to see one for myself! If you think there should have been another more popular animal in the top 20, please feel free to let us know in the comments. In other words, can’t wait to hear from you!

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