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Baby Bison Saved From Drowning in Yellowstone Park

baby bison saved from drowning
Image by Tinekemike via YouTube

The great migrations that bison undertake are almost as impressive as they are. During these long journeys, they face many hurdles – and the smaller you are, the bigger the hurdles. This was the case for this baby bison who was saved from drowning at the very last second.

Nail-Biting Moments

Image by Tinekemike via YouTube

The great migration of bison occurs each year in Yellowstone National Park. Part of this migration includes crossing fast-flowing and dangerous rivers.

Treacherous Moments

One baby bison isn’t prepared for the force of the water and is pulled downstream.

Image by Tinekemike via YouTube

Mama’s Reaction

Image by Tinekemike via YouTube

The baby’s mama fights with all its power to get her baby bison back, and the terrified baby bison fights just as hard to become reunited with its mother.

Mama Bison’s Amazing Maternal Instinct

Image by Tinekemike via YouTube

Even though it was dangerous, the mom didn’t think twice before jumping into the scary, fast river to save her baby. Nature’s wild side is incredible to see, but it’s almost even more so witnessing its gentle side.

A Relief

Image by Tinekemike via YouTube

Bison have long since been symbols of resilience and strength, and this mama bison who saved her baby from drowning is just yet another proof of this. Behind all that fur and muscle, they also have big hearts.

YouTube video
“Yellowstone bison calf nearly drowns in wild river”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Tinekemike

Bison Altruism

Image by Tinekemike via YouTube

Bison exhibit altruistic behavior by protecting vulnerable members of their herd. For example, during threats, they form a defensive circle around calves and injured members, showcasing their collective effort to ensure the safety and survival of the entire group.

The Great Migration of Bison: How Far and For How Long?

Image by Tinekemike via YouTube

Each year, Yellowstone’s bison embark on a great migration. These iconic animals travel hundreds of miles in search of food and breeding grounds. And it is not a quick trek; this can last several months across various terrain.

How Big Can a Bison Herd Get?

American Bison.
American Bison. Image via Depositphotos

Bison herds in Yellowstone can vary greatly in size, with some of the larger families composed of hundreds and hundreds of members. When seen in such large numbers it’s difficult to tell where one bison begins and where one ends – it just becomes one large river of fur and muscle.

Herd Social Structure

Pitbull Attacks Bison
American Bison. Image via Unsplash

The social structure of these herds is complex, with a hierarchy that includes dominant males, females, and their offspring. 


Bison calf following cow
Bison calf following cow. Image via English: NPS/Jim Peaco, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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