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Dog Raises 3 Tiger Cubs: Years Later Something Unexpected Occurred

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We’ve commonly heard that love knows no limits. In this particular case, a Labrador dog named Lou stepped in to care for three tiger cubs that were abandoned by their mother.

Spectators were astonished by the remarkable bond that developed between the cubs and the dog. Lou soon became the three cubs’ mother figure. As time went by, regrettably, they had to be separated eventually due to the growing size of the tiger cubs. Nevertheless, a surprising turn of events occurred two years later that nobody could have predicted!

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The Turn Of Events

At the zoo, during a raging storm, Lou, the frightened dog took shelter in the tiger exhibit. As all the tigers came into sight, unbelievably, the 3 tiger cubs, now fully grown, defended their ‘mother’ against the other tigers. These three tigers proceeded to give the dog love and affection. A warm welcome home!

Dog Raises 3 Tiger Cubs, But Years Later, Something Unexpected Happened!
YouTube / Dog Raises 3 Tiger Cubs, But Years Later, Something Unexpected Happened!

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WATCH: The Heart-Warming Love Story

YouTube video

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Are Cubs Abandoned Regualarily

Tiger cubs being abandoned in the wild is not a common occurrence, but it can happen due to various reasons. Here are some factors that might lead to tiger cub abandonment:

  1. Maternal Stress: In some cases, a mother tiger may abandon her cubs if she is under extreme stress. Additionally, if she feels threatened, or if she perceives that her cubs are in danger.
  2. Health Issues: If a tiger cub is born with health issues or deformities that affect its ability to survive, the mother may abandon it to focus on the healthier cubs.
  3. Human Disturbance: Human activities, such as habitat destruction or encroachment, can disrupt tiger habitats and lead to increased stress for mother tigers, potentially causing them to abandon their cubs.
  4. Inexperienced Mothers: Young or inexperienced mother tigers may not have the necessary parenting skills to care for their cubs. This leads to abandonment.
  5. Lack of Food: If a mother tiger is unable to find enough prey to feed her cubs, she may abandon them in search of food for herself.

While abandonment does occur, it’s important to note that tigers are generally protective and devoted mothers. Conservation efforts aim to protect tiger habitats, reduce human disturbances, and address other factors that can contribute to cub abandonment, ultimately working towards the conservation of these endangered animals.

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Wrap Up

This heartwarming tale reminds us that love knows no species, and it can create bonds that defy the odds. The story of Lou and the tiger cubs serves as a testament to the enduring and unconditional nature of love in the animal kingdom. It teaches us to celebrate the connections that can emerge from the most unlikely of places, leaving us with a profound sense of wonder and hope in the world’s endless capacity for love and compassion.

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Monday 11th of September 2023

Yes the dog was eaten because the stupid owner fed the polar bears for months when its illegal because of outcomes like this one day he forgot to leave the food out and it attacked the dog instead while the poor dog was chained up here's a link explaining