Most Endangered Big Cats In The World

Snow Leopards are large carnivores found in the Himalayas with a white and gray fur coat and rosette-like spots. They are endangered and hunt other animals for food.

Snow Leopard

Fishing Cat

Fishing cats have yellowish-gray fur with stripes and spots, and live in Southeast Asia's wetlands, threatened by habitat loss. They eat mammals, livestock, and fish.

Iberian Lynx

Iberian lynx has orange fur with dark spots, weighs up to 15kg, and mostly feeds on rabbits. With 400 mature individuals left, it's near extinction.

Flat-Headed Cat

The flat-headed cat is a cylindrical-headed feline with large canine teeth. They are found in Southeast Asia, near wetlands, and are endangered due to habitat loss.

Credit - Istock

Borneo Bay Cat

The bay cat has a chestnut coat with a dark tail and two black lines on the head. It's rare, only found in Borneo and endangered with a diet of rodents and birds.

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Tigers have a muscular build and come in various shades of orange with black stripes. They are endangered due to human hunting and habitat loss.

Andean Mountain Cat

Staghorn coral population has declined by 98% due to pollution, overfishing, and climate change.

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