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Meet This Lion Cub Who Annoys Everyone but Is Loved by All

Naughty Cub Playing with Lioness
Naughty Cub Playing with Lioness. Image (Screenshot) by MalaMala Game Reserve via YouTube

An incredible tape of a lion family at play in the MalaMala Game Reserve near the Kruger National Park was videotaped during the day. In this row of playful cubs, there was one lion cub who can be dubbed as the little troublemaker. A very active cub that keeps the others challenged.

It is time to explore how this little troublemaker turned into the cutest pride member that the viewers could ever imagine.

Tail-Tugging Adventures

Cub Pulling Lioness' Tail
Cub Pulling Lioness’ Tail. Image (Screenshot) by MalaMala Game Reserve via YouTube

The video begins with an act that would soften even the toughest lion’s heart and the video is full of similar sorts of daring stunts. Our loud and mischievous little nuisance lion cub is a ball of fur and it remains attached to its mother’s tail as if it needs to be saved.

The lioness just sat back, leaning her head against the ground and watching the play with amusement as the lion cub continued to pull and twist at her paw. While the first one is all about the responsibility entrusted on the mother, the second one is about absolute adorableness.

Full of Energy

Cub Head Patted by Lioness
Cub’s Head Patted by Lioness. Image (Screenshot) by MalaMala Game Reserve via YouTube

It is always active, and hardly ever do you find it taking a nap. Typically, it catches siblings when they eat or play video games or simply nap in the afternoon, basking in the warm sun. Their eyes open wider as something seems to surprise them from a nap.

Maybe by being bitten by another lion cub or perhaps attacked. Sometimes, the lioness may look like she wants to scold her offspring and other times it seems she wanted to play. Most often she will give the offspring a harmless tap on the head.

Sibling Shenanigans

Cub Getting Scolded by Lioness
Cub Getting Scolded by Lioness. Image (Screenshot) by MalaMala Game Reserve via YouTube

Word gets around like wildfire, even within the pride, and soon everyone knows what the lion cub will do. The more refined and devout brothers and sisters of theirs simply gaze in wonder. “Here goes our little tornado again?” they smirk as they glance at one another.

But even though they can’t tame her, they always have affection in their eyes when they witness her wreak havoc.

The Beating of Love

Mischievous Cub Looking at the Camera
Mischievous Cub Looking at the Camera. Image (Screenshot) by MalaMala Game Reserve via YouTube

From the later part of the video it goes touching. The lion and the lioness, both large and both apparently used to fighting, the cub-child plays with remarkable good humour. When it crosses the line, they scold in firm tone but clearly they are joking.

The king of the jungle playfully swats the young one on the head whiles the queen playfully shoo the young one like a fly. This is the message of their love to each other even in their gentle scolding.

Endless Mischief

Cub Annoying its Siblings
Cub Annoying its Siblings. Image (Screenshot) by MalaMala Game Reserve via YouTube

The cub’s excitement makes the pride as a whole happy. It chases after its own tail and makes wildly erratic jumps onto rocks and grassy slopes. Looking on from a distance, the lioness has love shining in her golden eyes.

She knows that there is something fundamentally youthful and authentic about life on the Savannah in this small, mischievous child.

Our Thoughts

White lion cub showing belly
White lion cub showing belly. Image via Depositphotos.

We are in awe as the movie draws to a close. Living life to the fullest is constant reminder by the mischievous cub’s boundless energy and unquenchable spirit. It suggested that love and laughter have a place in the natural world.

Whenever you will see a playful kitten or mischievous child, do picture our lion cub—the one that makes its own decisions yet stays loyal to its pride’s identity.

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