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100 Year Old Tortoise Reunited with Rescuer

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In a heartwarming tale of resilience and reunion, a century-old African tortoise named Biscuit found his way back home after a daring escape and a heartwarming rescue mission. This incredible story of Biscuit’s late August escapade sheds light on the enduring nature of these remarkable creatures.

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A Great Escape

Biscuit’s adventure began when he made a daring escape from his owner, Lamoine Howard, in the cozy community of Gonzales, nestled between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. A twist of fate, driven by the forces of wind and rain, blew open the backyard gate, breaking the latch that held it secure. Mr. Howard, committed to fixing the gate, found himself in a race against time as Biscuit embarked on his unexpected journey.

A Tortoise in Distress

Local government authorities soon received reports of a distressed tortoise spotted in Gonzales’s New River canal on August 30th. Concerned deputies swiftly called upon a local animal control team to rescue the stranded Biscuit. The task fell into the capable hands of animal control officers Curt Trepagnier and Isreal Millet. They safely collected the tortoise and loaded him into their truck, destined for the local Cara’s House animal shelter.

A Temporary Home

Cara’s House, known for its dedication to animal welfare, became Biscuit’s temporary haven. The shelter generously provided Biscuit’s owner with three days to reunite with his beloved pet. However, if no one came forward to claim Biscuit, the shelter had plans to find him a loving forever home.

A Heartwarming Reunion

Happily, Biscuit’s story took a heartwarming turn. Cara’s House shared the joyous news on their Facebook page, declaring, “We are happy to report that Biscuit has been reunited with his family! This boy is 100 years old.” The shelter even posted a delightful video capturing the moment of reunion.

In the video, Biscuit, with his characteristic unhurried pace, made his way from the shelter’s entrance to his owner’s waiting pickup truck. With gentle encouragement from Mr. Howard, Biscuit, the centenarian tortoise, ambled towards the familiar vehicle.

An Unplanned Adventure

Mr. Howard, taking to the shelter’s Facebook page, shared the charming tale of how Biscuit’s escape unfolded. He humorously expressed his gratitude to the shelter for helping “return … Biscuit home” and confessed to his well-intentioned but failed plan to fix the broken gate in time.

Majestic African Spurred Tortoises

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Biscuit, an African spurred tortoise, belongs to one of the largest mainland tortoise species. According to the renowned San Diego Zoo, these majestic tortoises can grow to lengths of about 2 ½ feet. They weigh anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds. Their longevity is truly astounding, with many African tortoises living well into their 80s. They can even reach the remarkable age of 100, especially when cared for in domestic settings.

Biscuit’s adventure serves as a heartwarming reminder of the enduring nature of these remarkable creatures and the bond between humans. His safe return home is a testament to the dedication of animal control officers and the compassion of shelters where happy reunions like this one can unfold.

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