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Best Places to See Tasmanian Devils

We find the wildlife in and around Australia extremely exciting! That’s why we have composed a blog letting you know the best places to see Tasmanian Devils! No, not the drooling, growling, and terrifying Looney Tunes cartoon character who is always chasing Bugs Bunny and his companions around like a spinning top. The actual animal …

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Top 10 Best Places to See Wallabies

Welcome to the Top 10 Best Places to See Wallabies. Wallabies are creatures smaller than Kangaroos and have similarities with marsupials. If you’d like to see some wallabies next time you’re in Australia, we’ve created a blog of the Best Places to see Wallabies! About 30 different species are present in Papua New Guinea and …

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Best Possum Facts

Welcome to Everything You Need To Know About Possum Animals.  Possums are rats-sized nocturnal animals that are typically marsupials. This particular type of marsupial is common and often loved by people due to its cute tiny size and smooth skin.  According to the expert’s guesswork, numerous unique animal species exist on our planet. The estimation …

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