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WATCH: Pet Snake Goes Surfing With Man

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Changing the definition of snaking a wave! A man takes his pet snake surfing on the Gold Coast, in Australia.

Man takes pet snake surfing in wild video: ‘She loved to be in the water’
YouTube / New York Post: Man takes pet snake surfing in wild video

The man shared a video on social media in which he was seen riding the waves at Rainbow Bay with his native carpet python.

Surfer Higor Fiuza and his pet python, Shiva, often engage in longboarding adventures together. With Fiuza saying the 3-year-old bredli carpet python has accompanied him on approximately ten occasions.

A video posted on the internet depicts Shiva coiled around Fiuza’s neck as he gracefully maneuvers through the water.

“I always took her to the beach, and she loved to be in the water swimming, so one day I decided to take her out for a surf, and she loved it” Higor claims.

When interviewed by a media outlet, he expressed his belief that the snake enjoyed the experience. He elaborated saying that the reptile remained calm and did not hiss while on the water.

However, Higor Fizuza, who brought his pet snake for a surfing excursion on the Gold Coast, is currently under investigation for potential wildlife-related violations.

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The Wave

YouTube video

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Do Native Carpet Pythons Enjoy The Water

Native carpet pythons are not known for being aquatic snakes. Unlike some other snake species that are adapted to aquatic lifestyles, carpet pythons are primarily terrestrial and tree-dwelling snakes. They are native to various regions in Australia and are often found in woodlands, rainforests, and rocky areas.

While individual snake behavior can vary, most carpet pythons do not naturally enjoy being in the water. In their natural habitat, they may encounter water sources such as streams or ponds. Typically they do not spend extended periods swimming or hunting in the water. Instead, they are more likely to be found in trees, where they hunt for prey, bask, and seek shelter.

The case of Higor Fiuza’s pet python, Shiva, enjoying the water and surfing is indeed unusual. It is not representative of typical carpet python behavior. Snakes are ectothermic animals, meaning their body temperature depends on their environment, and they can become stressed or cold when submerged in water. It’s essential for snake owners to be cautious and prioritize their pet’s well-being when introducing them to water-based activities.

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Bottom Line

YouTube video

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In the world of unconventional partnerships, surfer Higor Fiuza and his pet python, Shiva, have certainly captured our attention with their unique bond.

Higor’s assertion that Shiva enjoyed the surf seems plausible, given her calm demeanor and lack of hissing during their aquatic adventure. This story serves as a reminder that the natural world is full of surprises and that the bond between humans and their animal companions can lead to incredible, shared experiences.

However, it’s essential to remember that while these moments of harmony between humans and wildlife can be enchanting, they must be carried out responsibly and in compliance with wildlife protection laws. Higor Fiuza’s ongoing investigation for potential wildlife-related violations highlights the importance of striking a balance between adventure and conservation. As we celebrate these unique connections, let us also be mindful of the welfare and protection of our animal cohabitants in their natural habitats.

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