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Squirrel Attacks Burglar In Idaho

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A brave squirrel attacks a burglar breaking into his family’s home – preventing the burglar from getting into their gun safe.

squirrel attacks burglar
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In the quiet town of Meridian, Idaho, a unique tale of heroism unfolds, starring none other than a pet squirrel named Joey.

Who would’ve thought a squirrel could turn into a local hero?

Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Joey, the squirrel who not only became a beloved family member but also a vigilant guardian of his home.

The Advent of Joey

Adam Pearl, a resident of Meridian, found Joey when he was just a week old, abandoned and near the brink of death. With eyes still closed, the tiny creature was no bigger than a Bic lighter.

Adam and his wife Carmen took Joey in, nurturing him with feeds every two hours and providing him with a loving home.

Joey’s personality blossomed, resembling that of a cat, seeking affection and climbing up legs when he craved attention.

Joey: A Beloved Family Member

In the Pearl household, Joey became more than just a pet. He developed a fondness for spinach and had a penchant for burying nuts in the houseplants.

Remarkably, Joey trained himself to use a litter box, showcasing his intelligence and adaptability.

Joey the Squirrel Attacks Burglar

YouTube video

One day, the Pearls’ home became the target of a burglary.

The intruder, a teenager, attempted to break into the gun safe but was met with an unexpected defender: Joey. The squirrel fearlessly attacks and scratches the burglar – forcing him to flee.

The police were able to apprehend the suspect, who was found with scratches and stolen items from the Pearl’s residence.

This event catapulted Joey to local fame, proving that even the smallest creatures can make the biggest impact.

Keeping Squirrels as Pets

While it’s uncommon, keeping squirrels as pets can be a rewarding experience, as demonstrated by the Pearls.

Squirrels are intelligent and adaptable creatures, capable of forming bonds with humans.

However, it’s essential to note that squirrels are wild animals and may exhibit unpredictable behavior. Prospective squirrel owners should be prepared for a unique set of challenges, including dietary needs and potential aggressiveness.

Joey’s Farewell: Return to the Wild


After the burglary event, Joey’s behavior began to change and started showing signs of wanting to explore the outside world.

Adam decided to leave a sliding door open, allowing Joey to venture out and interact with wild squirrels. Joey would play outside during the day and return to his indoor bed at night.

However, one day, Joey climbed onto Adam’s shoulder, enjoyed a few moments of affection, and then disappeared into a backyard apple tree, signaling his farewell to the family.

Reflections on Joey’s Journey

Joey’s story is a testament to the unexpected bonds that can form between humans and animals. His journey from a helpless infant to a brave defender of his home has touched many hearts.

His return to the wild marks a new beginning, where he can experience the joys of squirrel life in its natural habitat.

Experts believe that Joey will adapt well to his new environment, possibly finding a mate and starting a family of his own.

Squirrel Attacks Burglar: Conclusion

Squirrel Poop 

In conclusion, the tale of Joey serves as a beautiful reminder of the harmony that can exist between humans and wildlife.

His courage, affection, and playful antics have left an indelible mark on the Pearl family and the community of Meridian, Idaho.

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