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Animal Attacks – News & Facts

asian elephant
Indian elephant bull in musth. Image by Yathin S Krishnappav on Wikimedia Commons

Not many things frighten and amaze me quite like animal attacks do. From massive tigers bringing down prey, to a mother elephant rushing at a predator to protect her young, to a fight between two unexpected apex predators. 

On this page, we have a look at animal attacks. Be it on another animal or humans, we explore some animal behaviours and causes for attacks. But don’t worry, we share some tips on how to stay safe while admiring these incredible animals in the wild too! 

Image of Leopard via Pexels

5 Animals That Attack Humans

  1. Mosquitoes: Did you know that these pesky creatures are the animals that kill the most humans per year? Certain mosquito species transmit Marlaria when they bite humans, killing thousands of people per year!
  2. Snakes: Although snakes avoid using their venom unless necessary, the saw-scaled viper is responsible for more human deaths per year than any other snake species. 
  3. Hippos: You are more likely to be attacked by a hippo than a shark! Although hippos are herbivores, they are extremely aggressive and territorial. So stay clear of hippo habitats! 
  4. Saltwater crocodiles: These ferocious animals are opportunistic hunters, and will not refrain from attacking prey if it enters their habitat – even humans!
  5. Tigers: Of the Big Cat species, Tigers are responsible for the most human fatalities. It must be stated that these attacks only occur when they cross paths with humans while they are hunting, or if they feel threatened or surprised. 

Latest Animal Attacks News

Why Do Animals Attack Humans?

In the animal kingdom, it all comes down to survival of the fittest. This means that whoever emerges victorious, survives. This is how animals experience life. As a general rule, animals do not see humans as prey, but certain circumstances might cause them to attack humans. 

For instance, when an apex predator is starving and desperate for food, crossing paths with a human might be their only opportunity for survival. Another reason might be mistaken identity, which is often the case in shark attacks, where a shark confuses a human on a surfboard as a seal. Sick animals also often react in strange ways, like biting or hurting someone who tries to help them because they don’t know what is wrong with them, or what the person’s intentions are. Finally, which is most often the case, is that the animal attacks out of fear, being startled, or when they feel threatened.  

Animal Attack FAQs

What is an animal attack? 

Animal attacks are the term used when an animal causes harm to a human or other animal. These attacks most commonly involve biting, scratching, and charging leading to injuries or even fatalities.

What animal has the strongest bite? 

I was convinced the animal with the strongest bite force was the hippo with their massive jaws. Although they are high up on the list, the animal with the strongest bite is the saltwater crocodile, which bites down with around 3,700 pounds of force!

What can I do when an animal attacks me?

Each animal species gets put off attacking you by different things. However, a few things you can do is appear as large as possible by standing straight and lifting your arms above your head, making loud noises, but most importantly – do not run! Running will let the animal think that you are prey that needs to be hunted. 

What is the deadliest animal? 

All of our minds might go to bears, tigers, lions, or even snakes when thinking about the deadliest animal. However, it is the tiny mosquito that kills most humans through spreading the malaria disease. 

Why Do We Choose To Write About Animal Attacks? 

The daily lives of animals entail hunting, defending and claiming territories, and protecting themselves from predators. We believe that these animal attack stories should be shared, not only because they allow us a glimpse into the lives of animals but also because they remind us of their strength. 

Although some of these attacks might be frightening to see, it is also quite amazing! Acting as a reminder that humans might be at the top of the food chain, but that the power and tenacity of these animals will always be superior. 

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