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Meet The Only Bird To Take On The Eagle

American eagle
Close up shot of United States iconic bird facing camera with wings spread in flight. Image by OpenRangeStock via Depositphotos

The only bird that pecks the neck of an eagle is the crow, which is an odd but interesting sight in the sky. We can learn from this confrontation the value of maintaining focus in the face of big distractions.

The Crow’s Bold Move

African fish eagle
I got a fish for lunch! Image by Jongsun Lee via Unsplash

Imagine this: a crow gunning  the top an eagle’s powerful back. The crow is a small bird compared to its opponent. It appears to be acting very foolishly when it dares to peck at the eagle’s neck. That being said, the eagle is unfazed by this. It does not expend energy on the annoyance behind it.

Rising Above

Bald eagle flying
Bald eagle national animal of the U.S. Image by Stephen Meyers via Pexels

Instead of entering into a battle, the eagle takes a slightly different approach. It just opens its wings and begins to rise higher into the sky. With each beat of its wings it climbs. As the altitude increases the air thins. Thus making it harder for the crow to breathe and maintain its grip.

The Lesson

bald eagle national animal of the U.S.
Two bald eagles. Image by Veronika_Andrews via pixabay

We can all learn a great lesson from this quiet struggle. Similar to the eagle, we face crows in our lives in the form of hindrances, crows, and people who wish to stop us from moving forward. But instead of waging pointless battles, we have to adopt the eagle’s tactic. Continue climbing and aiming for higher altitudes.

The Stats

Eagle. Image by G.C. via Pixabay

Bald eagles can dive at speeds of 75-100 mph (120-160 km) and can fly 20-40 mph (32-64 km) in normal flight. Riding on natural wind currents and thermal updrafts, they can soar for hours at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet.

Wrapping Up with the Only Bird to Peck an Eagle

Bald eagle
Bald eagles build some of the largest nests of any bird species, often reaching up to 10 feet in diameter and weighing hundreds of pounds. Image by Andreas Barth via Pexels

So let’s take a cue from the eagle’s knowledge. Make sure you don’t let life’s little diversions drag you down. Generally try remain committed to your objectives, aspirations and dreams. Soar higher and higher for ultimately, our success comes from our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Those who wish to obstruct us – like the crow – may cling on for a while, but eventually they will stumble and fall away.

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