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Jen Fitschen

I am passionate about all animals and wildlife, especially their conservation and preservation. I grew up fascinated by the natural environment and feel most at peace surrounded by untouched nature.

Gorilla vs. Cobra

Welcome to Discovering The Distinct Differences Between Gorilla Vs. Cobra! Gorillas and cobras may look similar – they’re both dangerous animals, have impressive strength, and can be found in Africa – but you certainly wouldn’t mistake one for the other. While neither of these creatures should ever be trifled with, some distinct differences between them …

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Tiger vs. Pitbull

Welcome to Tiger Vs. Pitbull: Who Reigns Supreme? Are you familiar with the ongoing debate between tigers and pitbulls? Wild animals like tigers have a powerful bite force—especially when their prey has crossed into their territory—while domestic dogs, such as pitbulls, are seen by many as having naturally more aggressive behavior.  Let’s explore both sides …

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