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2 Month Checkin of the Thriving Clouded Leopard Cubs at Nashville Zoo

Two newbron clouded leopard cubs at a checkup. Image by Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Explore the latest update on the thriving clouded leopard cubs at Nashville Zoo. Let’s learn about their growth, playful antics, and the innovative care techniques that are preparing them for their upcoming public debut.

Thriving Clouded Leopard Cubs at Nashville Zoo

Rick Schwarz is the director of the Nashville Zoo, and he updated the progress of three clouded leopard cubs about eight weeks old. 

These cubs were growing rapidly and are very healthy. 

Innovative Care Techniques

10-Day-Old Clouded Leopards
Newborn Clouded Leopard Cubs by Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

The zoo staff has implemented a unique method to calm the cubs that mimics their mother’s natural behavior. 

This technique involves gently holding and shaking the cubs, effectively soothing them when nervous. 

This practice not only calms the cubs but also aids in their socialization, preparing them for future public interactions.

Public Debut

Exciting plans are in motion to introduce the cubs to the public in just two weeks. This rare opportunity will allow visitors to observe one of the most elusive feline species up close. The zoo hopes this will help raise awareness about its conservation needs.

A Future of Hope

The progress at Nashville Zoo is a testament to the meticulous care and innovative approaches taken to nurture these rare clouded leopard cubs. The zoo’s unwavering commitment to conservation and public education promises a bright future for these magnificent animals as they prepare to meet their visitors.

The Update

YouTube video
“Update – newborn clouded leopard cubs” by NewMediaEdge via Youtube

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