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Most Bear-Infested Forests
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) swimming in a river. Image via Depositphotos

Welcome to our Global Animal News & Videos archive. Here we report on wildlife stories from all around the globe and bring you the latest updates and most interesting stories. Our coverage expands across all continents, reporting on animals in Africa, India and many more places.

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Latest Global Animal News

The Most Reported Animals Worldwide

Could you have guessed that these animals make global news most often? Here are a few reasons why we think these animals regularly make headlines.

AnimalCommon Reasons for News CoverageConservation Status
1. ElephantPoaching, habitat loss, human-wildlife conflictVulnerable/Endangered
2. RhinoPoaching for horns, conservation effortsCritically Endangered
3. TigerPoaching, habitat encroachment, conservation successEndangered
4. Great White SharkShark attacks, conservation statusVulnerable
5. GorillaHabitat destruction, conservation initiativesCritically Endangered
6. Polar BearClimate change impact, melting sea iceVulnerable
7. PangolinIllegal wildlife trade, poachingCritically Endangered
8. KoalaBushfires, habitat loss, climate changeVulnerable
9. OrangutanDeforestation, palm oil industry impactCritically Endangered
10. Blue WhaleWhaling history, ship strikes, ocean healthEndangered
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