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Podcast: Animals Around The Globe Expedition

Welcome to the Animals Around The Globe Expedition, where we combine adventure and education to explore the world of wildlife. In this exciting podcast, our hosts, Jan Otte and Chris Weber, lead you on captivating expeditions to encounter the most fascinating creatures on Earth.

Let the Animals Around The Globe Expedition Begin:

#005 Ranger Sean van Niekerk shares insights into Conservation and Anti-Poaching in Southern Africa

Exclusive interview with experienced ranger, Sean Van Niekerk!  He shares insights into Conservation and Anti-Poaching efforts in Southern Africa. Watch as our very own marine biologist, Cayla de Souza, asks important questions surrounding the obstacles rangers face while protecting animals and wildlife.

Experience Sean’s love for wildlife, incredible stories, and infectious passion in this podcast.

#004 Wildlife legend John Varty on Mandela, Tigers in Africa & Conservation

Exclusive chat with wildlife legend John Varty! A man who had malaria 14 times, 3 crushed vertebrae from a helicopter crash, 4 broken ribs from a Tiger attack, Melanoma Cancer and triple bypass heart surgery.

Dive into untold stories of Nelson Mandela’s connection to Londolozi, the groundbreaking Tiger Canyons project, and the innovative fight against wildlife poaching. This is one episode you can’t miss!

#003 – From Ocean Dreams to Reality: The Inspirational Journey of Animal Ocean’s Steve Benjamin

Join us in this deep dive with Steven Benjamin, the visionary founder of Animal Ocean and Seal Snorkeling Started in 2009 in the heart of Cape Town, Steve transformed his passion for marine life and Zoology background into a thriving venture, making waves in underwater exploration.

Experience his infectious joy as he recounts stories from guiding renowned photographers for the BBC and National Geographic, to spearheading the unique and playful adventures of Seal Snorkeling. Discover why seals captured his heart and how he bootstrapped his dream, starting with a SCUBA store’s closing sale and the iconic boat ‘Animal Ocean’. Dive into Steve’s world as he shares tales of the ocean, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and his undying love for sharing marine wonders. Subscribe now to journey with us beneath the waves! 

#002 – Diving Paradise in the Azores: Meet Dolphins, Sharks, Whales, and Rays with Marty

Dive into thrilling adventures with Martijn Schouten (Marty), an exceptional dive guide operating with CW Azores!
Discover the unparalleled diving spots around Pico Island, home to magnificent Makos and elusive Blue Sharks, as well as captivating dives at Princess Alice Bank, where graceful Mobula Rays gracefully glide through the ocean depths.Pico Island in the Azores is a marine wonderland, teeming with over 20 species of whales and dolphins. But beneath the waves lies another realm of fascination for scuba enthusiasts. Marty takes you on an extraordinary journey, unlocking the secrets of our year-round waters, where sightings of Sperm whales, Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, and Striped dolphins are guaranteed.
Join Martijn Schouten in this exclusive interview as he shares his passion for the Azores and its mesmerizing marine life. As an expert guide, he unravels the unique beauty of Pico Island and its surroundings, making every dive a memory to cherish.

#001 – Why Rhinos are Dying & How to Create a Wildlife Conservation Reserve with Lea Henzgen, Co-Founder of the AMES foundation

Unlock the secrets of wildlife preservation & why Rhinos need protection in our first podcast episode, ‘Saving a Dying Species & How to Create a Wildlife Conservation Reserve.’ Join us in conversation with Lea Henzgen, the co-founder of AMES Foundation, a trailblazer in protecting Africa’s wildlife, including the majestic rhinos.
As our wildlife enthusiasts and hosts Jan and Chris interview Lea, she offers her unique insights on how to set up a successful wildlife reserve, weaving in gripping stories from the front lines of conservation. This is not just a podcast—it’s a call to action for everyone who cares about our planet’s future.

Learn more about our vision and team here.

Please contact if you would like to join the podcast as a guest or want to recommend someone.

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