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Wildlife Photography- News, Facts and Videos

Small sea whip goby with semi transparent body living on the sea whip coral in Sodwana Bay. Image by Tara Panton.
Small sea whip goby with semi transparent body living on the sea whip coral in Sodwana Bay. Image by Tara Panton.

The first photograph was taken in 1826 by a French scientist named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. Wildlife photography later emerged as technology advanced. George Shiras III and Cherry Kearton were pioneers in wildlife photography, using early trail cameras. Wildlife photography encompasses more than just photography skills but also an understanding of animal behaviour, habitats and a lot of patience.

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Hyena Kruger National Park. Tara Panton
Hyena Walking In Kruger National Park. Image by Tara Panton

How Does Photography Support Conservation?

  1. Wildlife photography raises public awareness about ecosystem diversity and the importance of conserving natural habitats. This showcases species that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  2. Photographs can help scientists and conservationists monitor species populations, document rare or endangered animals, and study behaviors. This leads to better-informed conservation strategies.
  3. Striking images of wildlife and landscapes can garner support for the creation and maintenance of protected areas like national parks and wildlife reserves. This promotes safe habitats for many species.
  4. Wildlife photography can drive fundraising and advocacy efforts, as compelling images often inspire people to support conservation organizations and campaigns financially and politically.
  5. Platforms like iNaturalist utilize wildlife photography for citizen science. This enables ordinary people to contribute to biodiversity science by sharing photographs of flora and fauna, aiding in species identification and distribution mapping.

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