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Equestrian Sport – News, Facts and Videos

A Shire horse. Image via depositphotos.

Equestrian sports include a range of equestrian disciplines that test the skill, speed and grace of both the horse and the rider. You might be familiar with dressage and show jumping. This sport offers a unique blend of competitive challenges and artistic expression of humans and horses.

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Face portrait of a bay oldenburg horse in a dressage competition. Image via depositphotos.

Did You Know These Facts?

  • Equestrian sports date back to ancient civilizations and recorded in the Olympic Games as early as 680 BC.
  • Dressage, also known as the art of training a horse to perform complex manoeuvres, is often described as ballet on horseback.
  • Show jumping tests the horse and rider’s ability to clear a course of obstacles within a set time, showcasing agility and precision.
  • Endurance riding challenges horses and riders to cover long distances, focusing on stamina.
  • Polo, known as the “sport of kings,” combines horse riding skills with the dynamics of team play and strategy.

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