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25-Year Friendship Between Man and Fish

25 Years of Unlikely Friendship Man and Fish
25 Years of Unlikely Friendship Man and Fish

Welcome to the story of an unlikely ‘25-year friendship between man and fish‘.

In the tranquil waters of Japan’s Tateyama Bay, a beautiful story of friendship unfolds between a diver and a unique fish. Their bond, spanning almost three decades, challenges our understanding of interspecies relationships.

asian sheepshead fish and Hiroyuki Arakawa
Screen capture from video below.

This heart-warming story leads us to wonder about other profound connections that could exist between humans and nature. 

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Key Points:

  • Hiroyuki Arakawa, a diver overseeing a sacred Shinto shrine in Tateyama Bay, formed a remarkable bond with Yoriko.
  • Their relationship deepened when Arakawa nursed the injured Yoriko back to health, hand-feeding her for days, cementing their trust and mutual respect.
  • Yoriko’s species, known for its human-like facial features, has been highlighted in recent studies for its intelligence and social nature, challenging misconceptions about fish’s emotional capacities.
  • Arakawa’s unique way of summoning Yoriko by tapping on metal and their ritual of sharing a gentle kiss have become symbols of their enduring friendship.

An Unlikely Friendship in the Depths

25 Years of Unlikely Friendship Man and Fish
Screen capture from video

In the waters of Japan’s Tateyama Bay, stands a sacred Shinto shrine, a torii, which has witnessed an extraordinary bond between a man and a fish. For almost three decades, Hiroyuki Arakawa, a dedicated diver, has shared an unparalleled friendship with Yoriko, an Asian sheepshead wrasse. 

Their story challenges our perceptions of interspecies relationships and showcases the profound connections that can exist beneath the surface.

The Meeting at the Sacred Shrine

Arakawa’s relationship with the underwater world began when he was entrusted with overseeing the Shinto shrine, a role he embraced with passion. It was during one of his dives, over 25 years ago, that he first encountered Yoriko.

The fish, known for its distinct human-like facial features, was residing near the shrine. Over the years, their casual encounters transformed into deep mutual respect and understanding.

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A Bond Built on Trust and Compassion

25 Years of Unlikely Friendship Man and Fish
Screen capture from video

One of the most touching episodes in their long-standing relationship was when Arakawa noticed Yoriko with a severe mouth injury. Recognizing her inability to feed, Arakawa took it upon himself to nurse her back to health. 

For ten consecutive days, he hand-fed her crab meat, ensuring her survival. This act of kindness not only saved Yoriko but also solidified their bond.

Arakawa’s commitment to Yoriko goes beyond mere feeding. He has a unique way of summoning her by tapping on a piece of metal, a call Yoriko never fails to answer. Their meetings often culminate in a gentle kiss.

More Than Just a Fish

asian sheepshead fish

Yoriko’s species, the Asian sheepshead wrasse or kobudai, is known for its peculiar appearance. With a prominent bump on their foreheads, they often seem to have human-like faces. 

Arakawa humorously remarks that from certain angles, Yoriko reminds him of someone familiar. This fish, however, is not just about looks. Recent studies have highlighted the intelligence and social nature of fish, challenging long-held misconceptions about their emotional capacities.

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The Video

YouTube video

A Tale That Transcends Boundaries

Arakawa and Yoriko’s relationship is a testament to the deep emotional connections that can exist between humans and marine life. It’s not about a man catching a fish but about a fish capturing a man’s heart.

Their story, rooted in mutual respect and understanding, offers a fresh perspective on the intricate relationships that exist in the natural world and emphasizes the importance of coexistence and compassion.

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Saturday 12th of August 2023

That was so beautiful brought tears to my eyes.

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