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Adorable Red Panda Gets Scared by Rock

Red Panda Scared by Rock
image via via Colas Bim

Watch a humorous video of a red panda being comically scared by a rock it has seen many times before at the zoo.

A Big Scary Rock

In an amusing display captured on video, a red panda living in a zoo reacts unexpectedly to a large rock.

Despite seeing this rock many times before, the red panda decides to treat it as a significant threat on this particular day. 

This hilarious moment shows the red panda cautiously approaching, then suddenly leaping back in a dramatic display of surprise and fear. 

This behavior provides a glimpse into the quirky personality of one of the zoo’s most beloved animals.

The Original Video

“Red panda scared by big piece of rock” via Best Funny Videos Ever

The Parody

“Red panda freaks out of a rock-ANIMATED” via Colas Bim

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