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Amazing Rescue of Giraffe with Metal Ring Digging Into Its Skin

giraffe rescue
Image by Lewa Wildlife Conservancy - Official Channel via YouTube

This is not what Beyonce meant when she said to put a ring on it. Luckily, this skilled team of wildlife conservationists can rescue this giraffe from this sticky situation.

Wildlife Conservation Is a Top Priority in Kenya

Herd of giraffes in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Image by muha04 via Depositphotos

Kenya is renowned for its rich biodiversity and is home to many rare species as well as the incredible nature reserves of Masai Mara and Amboseli (amongst others.) Housing all of this incredible wildlife also means protecting it at all costs. Kenya has long been at the forefront for many conservation measures and commitment to wildlife conservation.

This recent giraffe rescue is a testament to their ongoing efforts to safeguard Kenya’s natural heritage.

Giraffe Rescue: The Footage

YouTube video

The rescue mission of course began with actually finding the injured giraffe in question. Once found, the team used a tranquilizer to sedate it, to keep both the giraffe and the rescue team safe. 

Once sedated, they carefully cut away the metal ring, which had embedded itself deeply into the giraffe’s leg.

Kenya’s Giraffe Population

Kenya is home to a massive population of giraffes spread across its national parks and reserves. These majestic creatures are part of Kenya’s identity and are critical to tourism, which plays a significant role in the country’s economy. 

According to estimations, as many as 33,000 giraffes call Kenya home.

Why Giraffes Are So Important For the Ecosystem

Giraffes play a crucial role in their ecosystems because they eat things that almost no one else can reach: the leaves from the absolute top of the trees. 

This keeps the savannah’s trees trimmed and in shape making sure there’s balanced plant growth and seed dispersal all around. 

Giraffe Rescue: Wrapping Up

baby giraffe
A baby giraffe looking at the camera. Image by Adam Mosley via Unsplash

This video is just a small insight into the amazing efforts Kenya puts into preserving the amazing nature that their country boasts.

Thank you for reading this article about the rescue of this giraffe! For more giraffe things, take a look here:

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