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Animals and Wildlife in Maine


Welcome to Animals and Wildife in Maine.

Maine is known for its rocky coastline, nature areas like the spruce islands of Acadia Nationals Park, and maritime history. It is a northeastern U.S. state.

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Where Can You Find the Animals and Wildlife in Maine?

Animals in Maine

Some species you will come across if you explore the woodland or mountain areas of Maine include: American Marten, White-tail deer, and flying squirrel.

There are some beaches in Maine, and if you visit the beaches, you will spot a colony of Harbor Seals. Making a tour of Maine will be the best way to see the local wildlife, in which you can also come across some of the nocturnal animals

There are some marine-based tours, including Whale-watching, which will let you have a sight of 

Atlantic Puffin 

Atlantic Puffin 

Atlantic puffins are beautiful animals with very special behavior and size. The roam around nature in Maine.

Have you heard about the Icelandic tradition of throwing baby puffins off cliffs?

Pilot Whales

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Here is a list of some of the best places in Maine to see the most popular species, both unusual and strange wildlife.  

  • DEW Haven 
  • Kisma Preserve 
  • Maine Wildlife Park 
  • York’s Wild Kingdom 
  • The Kennebec Valley
  • Rangeley Lake State Park
  • Mt. Desert Island
  • Machias Seal Island
  • Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Although you can see nocturnal species in these locations daily, you will not encounter poisonous species.

You can visit these places to see nocturnal and diurnal species. Thperkks of visiting the animals in Maine are that you will never encounter poisonous and dangerous animals th, and it is safe to visit Maine to see wildlife.

The Most Dangerous Animals in the state of Maine 

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As we have mentioned earlier, there are no poisonous or dangerous animals in Maine, but some of Maine’s species can still be harmful if they come in contact with humans. Hence, they must be aware of such animals and bricautiousion if they encounter them. 

Maine has many predators, and one must not miss mentioning Black Bear by talking about predators. They are not likely to attack humans, but they raid gardens and bird feeders in their quest for food, which leads to unusual incidents of attacking humans.

People should be aware of the harm they can cause if they come in contact, so they should be alert around them. Coyotes can inflict severe damage by biting because they have powerful bites. Although they rarely attack humans, they can cause severe injury if they do.

Maine has snapping turtlshaveng the inability to retreat to their shells when exposed to threat; because of this inability, they bite in self-defense, but their bite is not poisonous but painful. Along with Black Bears, Coyot, es, and snapping turtles, you should be aware of Porcupines, which can cause painful injury when subjected to the threat—so many great animals imagine.

Endangered Animals in Maine

Some endangered species in Maine are near extinction. Some of the names of these species are as follows:

  • Golden Eagle 
  • Redfin Pickerel 
  • Katahdin Arctic 
  • Black Racer 

Popular Animals in Maine

Let us discuss some of the famous animals of Maine in detail.

Hooded Seal

source: Wikimedia, museumkoenig

The scientific name of the hooded Seal is Cystophora Cristata. Hooded Seals are the only specie, but biologists have divided them into two populations, one in the northeast Atlantic and one in the northwest Atlantic. The hooded Seal is silver-gray with black spots on the fur. Their limbs are small, and they have black faces. Even though hooded seals have small limbs, they are known as god swimmers and divers. Male hooded seals have more weight and size than female hooded seals. Not all seals have incisors in their upper and lower jaws, but hooded seals have two incisors in their upper jaw and one incisor in the lower jaw. Therefore, their adaption nature is different from other seals.

Hooded seals choose to stay in solitude. They don’t even fight over territories, but when it comes to breeding season, they will protect their female hooded seals. The eating pattern of hooded seals is different from other animals as they eat during the winter and fall, but they stop eating in the breeding season, which is during the spring and summer seasons. They shed their old fur in the summer season. The female hooded seals do not eat while they nurse their pups. While the mama hooded seal loses weight by feeding fatty milk, the dogs gain 15 pounds daily, while the mother loses 15 to 22 pounds daily.

Hooded seals live in a cold habitat. They are swimmers and divers and spend most of their time in the cold water of the North Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Arctic Ocean. When they migrate, they choose a place where ice floes are plenty and only haul out on land covered with ice.

The food of hooded seals includes octopus, herring, halibut, cod, redfish, sh, and squid, but fish and crustaceans are the primary diets of the hooded Seal. Smalfishes in their diet help the Seal store the fat in its blubber, which it can utilize later when they do not have it. 

Eastern Chipmunk

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Eastern Chipmunks are known for their small size and cuteness. People often keep eastern chipmunks as home pets. The Tlifespanpan of the eastern chipmunks is short. The scientific name of the eastern chipmunk is Tamias Striatus. Eastern Chipmunks, including the tail, are small, up to 12 inches. They weigh between 2.33 to 5.30 ounces.

They are reddish-brown, having dark brown strips on their back. There are white stripes on its back, which separate the brown strips. Lighter bars surround their eyes. They have big bright eyes and small ears. One of the most attractive features of eastern chipmunks is their cheek pouches,whichs can carry a lot of food to take to their burrow. Their cheek pouch is so stretchy that it can increase to three times the diameter of an animal’s head. One of the texcitinging facts about easterchipmunksnk is that they can collect 16cornns and more in a day.

Eastern chipmunk has furry tail that is dark in color and bushy. Their front feet have four toes which they use while eating. It isn’t easy to distinguish between male and female eastern chipmunks until the mating season.

Eastern chipmunks are usually active during the morning and middle of the afternoon. They spend half of their time searching for food. Sometimes the food they eat is to fatten up to make it through the hibernation period, and other times they search for foods like nuts and seeds to store in theicaveswtoan eat them while hibernating these sows. 

Eastern chipmunks are good at climbing the trees just like other squirrels, but they are known as ground squirrels because they stay on the ground and build their burrows in the environment. They make their holes with many tunnels and rooms, which lead to many exits and entrances. 


The flea can be found anywhere in this world. Every flea species do not have the same hosts; some have specialized hosts, and some can accept any host. The scientific name for the flea is Siphonaptera. It is trendy in Maine State as many cats and dog owners worry about their existence. Almost a billion dollars is spent every year on the treatment of fleas.

The flea is not very harmful, but their bite can cause itching and pain. They are responsible for transmitting various diseases from animals to humans. It is believed that in The Middle Ages, they were responsible for the bubonic plague from rats to humans. Their constant bites can cause different kinds of allergies in humans.

Their host includes different animals and reptiles. They have extreme resistance towards their host when they try to remove or crush them.

There are different stages for a Flea to develop into a mature one. These various stages include the eggs, larvae, pupas, and adults. 

Fleas are wingless insects. They are small and are of different sizes and shapes in their various stages of development. During the completion of the steps, the adult stage looks like black or brown bodies. They have long legs, which help them jump, and their strong claws help them hold onto the host’s body. Their body color changes when they suck the blood from there, and the black or brown flea may turn red.


seagulls animals in oregon

The scientific name of the Seagull is Laridae. Seagulls are known for their intelligence, and they pass it down to the next generation of gulls. They can also remember foraging strategies. Eagles and Seagulls share a superficial resemblance. But Seagulls are related to auks, plovers,s, and other shorebirds, whereas Seagull relates more to kites and vultures. Seagulls do not consider birds of prey.

 They can drink anf freshwater or saltwater because they have a specialized glant above the eye that collects and flushes the salt through the nostrils. You can find seagulls all over the world near coastal habitats. They are mainly in the Northern Hemisphere of two, and they migrate inland during their breeding season, but mostly they live close to the ocean habitats.

Summary of Animals and Wildlife in Maine

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Maine is a small state in the U.S., but it has a population of wild animals, which includes many rodents, mammals, spiders, and marine species.

The most common animals of Maine are Canadian lynx, Mudpuppy Salamanders, Garter Snakes, Turkeys, and invertebrates like Monarch Butterfly. The official animals of Maine are Moose, Chickadee, Maine Coo,n and Lobster.

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